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Michael Todd

You may remember in summer of 2011 the sad story of Mic Todd, bassist for progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria from very early on in the band’s history. Todd was arrested mid-tour for armed robbery of a Walgreens pharmacy in Massachusetts and unlawful possession of narcotics. His tenure was immediately terminated and a fill-in was used for the rest of the tour. He pleaded guilty and was ordered to serve one year of home confinement and was put on probation for three years. Unsurprisingly, he fell off the map musically – being unable to tour will do that to you.

Since Coheed’s inception, Todd has been a member intermittently for fifteen of their eighteen years, so it’s safe to say that he was pretty integral in forming much of their sound. It was incredibly disappointing to see such a fall from grace after years of success and awards, but people have their demons and these things do happen.

It seems that since his fall he has hit every branch of the bad luck tree on the way down. Although his actions were his own, a string of incidents since then have seen him end up broke, homeless, and fighting cancer.

A page set up on details the misfortunes that have struck him since that fateful summer. The page relays that Todd had started again; he was sober and working an honest job, but last April he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which returned after an operation and chemotherapy, and the treatment has meant he has been too sick to work, so can’t earn any money to pay the staggering medical bills.

I saw Coheed twice (in the same week) in 2008 during his second tenure with the band (he left in 2006 for personal reasons, but rejoined in 2007) as they played their world-spanning Neverend Tour. They had four albums out by that point, and played four consecutive nights during which each album was played in its entirety. Todd was in fact the warm-up act for the final night, and basically stood on stage talking to and joking with the audience; telling stories and whatnot. He came across as a very affable fellow, and was a funny guy.

Whatever he may have done in the past, this is a rough situation to be in, and certainly not one a decent person would wish on anyone else.

[quote-symbol symbol1]We are hoping to raise money to not only help Michael get the treatment and medications he desperately needs to fight the cancer, but to help him regain his independence.

The page is accepting donations for a very modest target of $3,500, which at the time of writing was 63% completed (with one donation from one Stu Thomas totalling $1,000), so it seems like he may well get the help he needs. Should you wish to contribute you can do so by following this link.

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