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Cyclamen debut DIY music video for track from forthcoming album Ashura

Cyclamen  - Haja-Kenshou screen cap

The latter half of 2013 is turning out to be quite exciting for Cyclamen, the Japanese experimental metal band formed by frontman and composer Hayato Imanishi five years ago. Not only are they due to release a new album in the coming months, but they’re also touring Thailand, and travelling all the way to Euroblast in Germany this October for Euroblast!

By way of ramping up, we are pleased to announce that today the band are premiering their brand new video through The Monolith! It’s for the track “破邪顕正 (Haja-Kenshou)” (which was actually previewed in June as “絶対なる正義 (Zettai Naru Seigi) - altered for thematic reasons), and all credit to the band, as it’s entirely DIY, shot on a combination of a standard camera and two iPhones.

Mixing  techy mathcore with blackened parts, as well as more expansive, open rock styles, it’s undeniably Cyclamen but marks a challenging step forward for the project, which will no doubt impress a lot of people.

For those unfamiliar with Cyclamen, the band began and generally operates as a one-man endeavour, with a number of additional members over the years having been involved with live shows and recording, including Monuments‘ Olly Steele and Chimp Spanner drummer Boris Le Gal.

The album Ashura is due out later this year, which is the second part of the Satori Trilogy, which began in 2010 with Senjyu. Ashura is known as the “God of Battles” in Japanese Buddhism, and so the release promises to be pretty aggressive.

It’ll be another chapter for Cyclamen, who have self-released a number of excellent records over the years, including Senjyu and ane xcellent split EP with Haunted Shores, the probably defunct project from Periphery‘s Mark Holcomb, which also included Ever Forthright/Monuments frontman Chris Barretto.

A pre-order for Ashura has been released over on Bandcamp here, and it comes with two t-shirt bundle options and pre-orders-only downloads that include one full track and three instrumental tracks. The album will be available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and all good online stores from 13th October!

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