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Get your teeth into Conflictions’ new track “New Age Punks

Conflictions 2015

Back in January we went to see an Icelandic hardcore show starring Icarus (now known as Great Grief), Mercy Buckets, and the subject of today’s lecture, Conflictions. Back then, Conflictions were planning to release their self-titled debut sometime before the summer, but as is often the case for underground bands, life got in the way and the band postponed the release indefinitely.

Now we have not only a firm release date but also the cover art, tracklist and a premier of the album’s opener “New Age Punks“, which we are streaming right here:

The album comes out on December 26th, but if you find yourself in Iceland over the holidays, nothing says “birth of the saviour” like a good old fashioned hardcore show, which is exactly what Conflictions will be doing at Dillon in downtown Reykjavik to celebrate the release, along with local mathcore band In The Company of Men.

If you don’t happen to be in the land of ice and snow to pick up a physical copy, Conflictions will promptly be uploaded to Bandcamp as well, for any of you hardcore-hungry people looking to give yourselves a digital stocking-stuffer a day late.

Below is the tracklist and the artwork, which in itself is pretty awesome.

Conflictions - Conflictions album art
01. New Age Punks
02. Engraver
03. Broken Pillars
04. Pale and Exhausted
05. Reflect Yourself
06. Everything is done overnight
07. La Douleur Exquise
08. Ideals are peaceful, history is violent.
09. Ingen Ting
10. Picked by default.

Tell us what you think of the song in the comments, spread it around, and make sure you two-step to that breakdown.

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