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Defy The Ocean 2016

When a band spends more time ripping apart a release than actually writing it, you can be fairly certain it’s going to be pretty damn good. Quality control is unfortunately lacking in the skill set of a lot of musicians – that ability to step away from a thing you’ve thrown your heart and soul into – but it’s something sorely missing and is often what ultimately holds them back.

That being said, the pursuit of quality over quantity (or putting out anything at all) can see a lot of artists stagnating and never being able to put out what they’ve worked so hard on – but thankfully that’s not the case for London duo Defy The Ocean  - AKA Chris Theo and Marcos Economides – who have final done exactly that.

As they explain, it’s been a hard old slog to bring second EP Elderflower (itself over thirty minutes long) to bear:

The songs were written over the last 5 years (before and between our other releases). Some of these tracks broke us, we threw out enough material for two full albums by the time we were done! Our goal was to produce something lean, impactful and tonally consistent. It’s the hardest we’ve worked on anything so it’s a joy to finally get it out there.

Lyrically the E.P. explores the idea of growth and change across seven tracks. Each a story in itself that pitches the deep desire to grow and become better against the things that stop or slow that growth. Ultimately, it is a story of hope, it tells us that we might just be able to change, but also that we must truly understand what holds us back in order to move forward. Sometimes it’s the world, but more often it is ourselves. Change is never easy, it is always a struggle. Elderflower is about that struggle, so while there may be hope, it won’t come easily. And maybe it wouldn’t be worth it if it was.

We’re stoked to be premiering the exclusive stream of Elderflower for you ahead of its release this week. Beautiful, considered, and brimming with emotion and quality songwriting, it’s worth multiple half-hours of your time to really digest its majesty. Here it is:

Elderflower drops this Friday, 2nd September. You can pick it up via Bandcamp, and follow the band on Facebook here.