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Catch Hieroglyph’s new track “Solar” right here!

Hieroglyph Solar

There are a clutch of bands that we at The Monolith have thoroughly enjoyed watching develop over the last couple of years, and one of them is Leeds/London based Hieroglyph.

Having pegged their Freefall EP as one of my favourite releases of last year, it gives us great pleasure to present their latest single “Solar“.

Taken from the sessions that will ultimately comprise Hieroglyph’s debut album, “Solar” charts the continuing maturation of the band’s sound. Written out on paper, their combination of tech-metal riffing, played through sludgy tones and topped off with a dual-vocal attack comprising Mark’s lung-shredding bellows and Valentina’s soaring, goth-tinted melodies, sounds like it could be an ungodly clusterfuck – but fortunately, this is far from the case.

In reality, Hieroglyph’s sonic cocktail is remarkably well balanced between beard-stroking interestingness, melody and pure brute force, which translates just as well in the live environment as it does in the studio, as was solidly confirmed when we caught their headline set at The Black Heart a few months ago.

Hieroglyph will be opening up the main stage on the Sunday of this year’s Tech Fest, and “Solar” is likely to make an appearance in the set alongside some older favourites. So familiarise yourself with the track now, and set an alarm to make sure you’ve been peeled out of your tent nice and early for our last full day in Newark to catch them perform.

The track will also be available for download via Hieroglyph’s bandcamp page here, where you can also pick up the Freefall EP for the princely sum of £3.