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Get drunk with Einstein and The Colour Line with “E = MC Hammered

The Colour Line 2015

For a band as animated as The Colour Line, naming a song in tribute of Einstein’s famous energy equivalence formula is more than a little fitting. As we’ve documented on every occasion and opportunity possible, the Hull four-piece are a whirlwind of limbs, headstocks and bodily fluids. If you needed more proof, their most recent tour was cancelled three dates in because vocalist Sam Rudderforth decked himself with a milk crate, looking like an extra from a 90s slasher film.

Something something health and safety liability. Anyway, to make up for ducking out of the remaining dates – or because it was already mandated by the label or whatever - they’ve today unveiled said Einsteiny tune, along with news of their forthcoming EP!

We’ve ironically been anticipating this record, The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval, for some time now, but wonder about its whereabouts no more; the band announce today it will drop February 26th via Basick Records!

What’s more, we’re more than a little stoked to exclusively premiere this shouty little number: “E = MC Hammered

We’re loathe to compared The Colour Line too much to anyone else, as they really are something unique and a bit special (in more ways than one, apparently), but this track screams “The Chariot” in all the best ways, from its chaotic nature to the sparse production that lays the whole thing barer than a group of grizzlies at a strip club.

If that pun pains you to read as much as it pained me to write, you can console yourself by pre-ordering yourself up a copy of The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval directly from Basick Records HERE.

The Colour Line - The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval album art

I would if I were you; The Colour Line might have something to say about it if you don’t, and I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of anyone whose natural state is throwing themselves at both people, and I guess milk packaging material. Just sayin’.

Don’t forget that the band already released another track earlier this year; make sure to check out “The Streisand EffectHERE, before swiftly rubbing your hands on your thighs in excitement.