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How many prominent bands can you name from Ireland off the top of your head? U2, The Cranberries, Shattered Skies, Primordial, Enya, and of course Westlife & Boyzone. Wait, do you mean to say there was a band in there you didn’t recognize? Well you should do, because Shattered Skies are one of the fastest-rising metal bands coming out of Ireland. Eschewing any kitsch use of Celtic folk instruments that is often displayed in metal from that part of the world – the band are instead giving the “tech metal” scene a run for their money, injecting it with much-needed melody and innovation.

While everyone’s dog and their grandmother seem to have their own Meshuggah-worship act without a shred of originality, Shattered Skies have instead taken the more atmospheric approach that is most comparable to the one that the excellent Uneven Structure utilized so effectively, but then augmenting the melody aspect even further, in both the technical guitarwork and through the use of synthesizers. If that weren’t unorthodox enough, in a genre riddled with hoarse throats, frontman Sean Murphy is predominantly a clean vocalist (he took his origins from classical and musical theater), saving the harsh vocals for when they are truly needed. The Irish tradition of a singsong have therefore been preserved and presented to the tech metal crowd (just try and NOT sing along to “Attrition”), and there is some kickass music behind it to boot. Watching guitarist Ian Rockett and bassist James Dunne slap and tap their instruments with an unbridled enthusiasm is incredible, and at the same time is constructed thoughtfully, becoming an actual song rather than a guitar lesson.

I can personally testify that this band are just as phenomenal in the flesh as they are in the studio, but if you really require proof then Shattered Skies are going to be supporting djentstep project The Algorithm soon with shows in London and Guildford, and I cannot encourage you enough to go and check out these cheeky Dublin lads. You shall not be disappointed.

Shattered Skies Tour Information

Shattered Skies are gearing up for the release of their debut album The World We Used To Know which will be released later this year. Today they’ve allowed us to exclusively present to you the first single off their upcoming record “15 Minutes” and the stunning new video they’ve shot for it. “15 Minutes” is a delicious serving of everything Shattered Skies brings to the table with their pulsating and infectious grooves and strong cathartic choruses. This is a song that will burrow into your cortex and make a home in between your ears once you’ve heard it. I can’t stop listening and I know you won’t be able to either.

If you were previously unfamiliar with the musical prowess of Shattered Skies you can still pick up their first EP Reanimation for free, via their bandcamp page! They’ve grown as a band considerably since then, and yet their first EP still illuminates them as a shining light in both the Irish music scene and the already oversaturated tech metal scene. Be sure to get acquainted with the new stars of the tech metal scene.

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