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Greetings Acolytes; The Monolith has another treat in store for you! We’ve managed to secure an exclusive stream of the upcoming debut EP from the LVM Trio, better known as Luke Jaeger (Sleep Terror), Vishal Singh (Amogh Symphony, Robots Pulling Levers) and Mark Hawkins (Robots Pulling Levers, Devolved, as well as every other band you’ve never heard of). Many of you may remember that in the build-up to our launch we actually gave away a free guitar lesson with the great Mark Hawkins, as part of our giant give-away initiative.

Considering these three talented musicians are famous shredders in the online metal music scene; you’ll be forgiven for assuming this is an EP just waiting to rip your face off with blazing solos and fretboard wizardry. Before you click “Play” allow me to alleviate any initial shock by telling you this is well and truly an exercise in funk. If you’re looking for a different type of groove and feel in your day then you’ve come to the right place as this is a great little EP. An absolute funkadelic treat that’s likely to lift your spirits on an otherwise rather gloomy Winter’s day. That’s enough from me though; click play and have a little read of what Mark and Vishal had to say about the project!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your projects

Vishal: We are a bunch of arrogant assholes. LVM is a trio of a Nazi shredder, a black shredder and a Jewish shredder.

How do you guys all know each other?

Mark: We actually met up on Myspace back when that was a thing.

What made you want to make music together?

Mark: Respect.

You all have a predominantly metal background, why funk?

Vishal: Because we are quite funked up in our real lives.

What are you guys expecting from this release?

Mark: Fat stacks of cash, worldwide touring, and women.

Is this just for fun or are there any future plans for the LVM Trio?

Vishal: We are hopeless bastards. We will do this again next time we are pissed off.

What other incoming projects have you guys got going?

Mark: Amogh Symphony, Devolved, Robots Pulling Levers, Sleep Terror

Will you all work together on something that’s more “metal”?

Vishal: Metal? Come again. What’s that? Maybe!

Mark: It’s a possibility; we’re all getting old though.

Any last words before your souls are weighed by The Iron Council?

Vishal: Please don’t execute us.

The Monolith will have more information regarding the trio’s impending releases in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

LVM Trio will be released on Saturday 1st December and you can purchase it at their Bandcamp for $4.99. The artwork and banner were completed by ”Storm (Andrey Sazonov)”. Support independent music and have a funky day!

  • http://website Jón Þór

    Love their work individually.

    Love their work together.

  • http://website Isaac

    I was expecting something heavy, over the top technical shit but wow. I hear SRV, John Scofield, Al Dimeola and Mark King influence. Very inspiring to see how they play this style so flawlessly. I wish they could give a detailed serious interview about this rather than a funny one. Shut up and take my money.

  • Professor D. Grover the XIIIth

    This is exactly the sort of brilliance I would expect from these three. I’d be quite interested in seeing the instrumental credits here; I am presuming Luke handled the bass (given that the bass is his current focus), Vishal did most of the drum programming and keys, and all three contributed guitars. It’s wonderful to hear three men of such talent stretching their legs a bit.

    • Professor D. Grover the XIIIth

      Also, the facial expressions on the album art are hilarious.

  • tentaclesworth

    This is very awesome

  • Guitarman700

    I want to make love to this album.

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