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Obscene Entity are a young UK death metal three piece from Cambridge. I was first attracted to the group by a song I found floating on YouTube. The production was extremely tight for a completely unknown band with no previous material, so I just had to inquire further. These lads are tenacious young fellows who are determined to succeed. They recently just played a show in support of grindcore legends Napalm Death, and from all accounts I’ve heard, they fared pretty well! When they allowed me to hear the full EP ahead of schedule, I could tell these guys have a very promising future! Below is an exclusive stream of their debut EP that you can’t hear anywhere else!

That’s enough from me though, here’s what the band had to say when I shot a few questions their way!

Could you introduce yourselves? Tell us a more about the band.

We are Matt Adnett, Calum Gibb And Luke Braddick. We are Obscene Entity. We first formed a band 8 years ago, after a split and members coming and going we reformed about a year and a half ago into the project you see before you now.

What is an “Obscene Entity”? What was the inspiration behind the band name?

We struggled for while coming up with a suitable name. Obviously a band name should imply and reflect everything the band is, and who you are trying to appeal to, but that was never our main concern, we just made music that came naturally to us. We knew we didn’t want to restrict ourselves creatively, so when Obscene Entity cropped up it made sense. It was general enough so there were no presumptions but also explained us perfectly. It is what it describes, by most standards an outrageous and abrasive being/group.

Why a three-piece? Do you feel you face more challenges as a three-piece rather than a more conventional four or five member band?

In our rehearsals and planning stages we were a four piece, and it was great, there are obviously massive pluses musically to having two guitarists and having wider shared duties, but since we became a three-piece things just went into top-gear. We found it easier to communicate and focus on a single vision. We have all known each other for so long, understand what we are getting at, and still having the tools individually to get across what we want, that it naturally over time just made sense.

What are your opinions of the local scene? Is there a lot happening?

I think the scene is amazing but held back by the industry, It’s capitalized by too few and sadly that’s attributed to the financial tale of the times. Things like pay-to-play mentalities is a trickle down effect from venues feeling the strain as a business, and with there being less money in record sales and predominantly more in live shows, it’s creating too wide a divide between known bands with clout and aspiring acts who are damn decent themselves. As for the music it couldn’t be better, no matter the trends people know what they love and can access it easier than ever. Nothing beats a real blood sweat and tears live act though and its exactly what Obscene Entity intend to remain as either way.

What are the plans for the future, beyond the EP? Do you have a full length in the works? Can you tell us about it?

Most definitely! The E.P. is material that we had gathered on the journey of getting to this point, so we felt it was important to commit to recording. To show that there was a visible growth for us as musicians, for me that was always the most fun when getting into a band.
Beyond the E.P. we want to bring listeners up to date with where we are now with a full length album, most of the material is laid down and it will show the full spectrum of the band that maybe the E.P. cannot.

Are you feeling positive about the future?

Not really, we are Death metallers…pfft…
Hah, of course man!, in the short time we have been doing this as Obscene Entity we feel everything has felt right. We have done the groundwork and suffered sufficiently to become wise enough to do it properly. We want to take it as far as it can go and the great responses we have had so far is just fuelling us on.

If you had to be honest with yourselves, what would be one criticism you would level at Obscene Entity?

We have plenty of criticisms, in our eyes that’s what makes you be a musician, you want to strive to be better, you want to do your best and address your shortfalls. But never any regrets. Music is an expressional thing, we aren’t pre occupied with ticking boxes. We just want to connect with the right people and be a band of substance, instead of a soulless drop in the ocean. We would’nt be able to name one criticism specifically, but we are always striving to improve. To lose faith in what we are would defeat the point of doing it in the first place.

Any last words?

If you checked our tracks out, thank you, come find us on all the obligatory social networking sites to keep notified of what we are up to, support what you love and stay brutal.

Thanks guys!

Thank you!

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