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The Northern Unleash An Excellent & Slick Video Upon Us All

The Northern

The Northern are a new progressive djethcore band from Toronto, Canada and earlier today they released their first ever song “Imperium“. That’s been circling for about five hours now and so far the reception has been extremely positive, garnering them new fans left and right. The music itself is a deft combination of intricate, progressive guitarwork blended together with a wonderful understanding of melody and a cathartic dose of brutality. The Northern really do have it all.

We’re incredibly proud to present to you their new guitar playthrough video for “Imperium“, which was shot and edited by all round excellent cinematographer Ben Dundas (more on him and his work tomorrow). Without further ado, here’s the video and below that are a few questions that the band’s vocalist Nick Papageorgiou was kind enough to answer!

What did you guys set out to achieve with The Northern?

We aimed for a breath of fresh air to the somewhat stagnant state of what we feel metals become. We’ve added our own twist on what we interpret as our vision of the future of the genre; pushing the genre to the next level while keeping our roots intact.

What’s next for The Northern?

We currently have the release for our EP Imperium coming up in the next two weeks. As Canadians, we’re looking forward to becoming part of one of the biggest evolutions in metal. As Canada is quickly exploding with lots of hidden talent, and presenting itself as the future turning point of metal.

Is this song indicative of all of your material or do you have many more surprises for us?

This song absolutely is not indicative to all of our material. As you will quickly find out, our EP is a diverse range of many different variations of metal and progression. The EP draws influences ranging from jazz to other worldly ambient sounds.

How did The Northern get started?

The Northern was a creation born out of inspiration. After a tour between two previous bands (Stormwalker and Ascariasis) ft The Afterimage, We felt that we connected in ways that would only be correctly interpreted through music.

What made you start things off with a guitar playthrough video?

We felt it’s an appropriate way to represent ourselves without giving everything away all at once.

The Northern will release their first EP Imperium, on April 2nd.

Do you think metal is stagnant? Are The Northern the band we’ve all been waiting for? Are you excited by their music? What do you think of playthrough video?

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