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We don’t normally post up album release news, as there’s not often a lot to say beyond the usual spiel – but London-based (via the Phillipines and Spain) tech-prog band ExistImmortal are such lovely guys that we couldn’t very well let this one pass by without mention.

Although based in the UK and well ingrained in the local scene – you’ll no doubt hear a likeness to contemporaries Monuments, the closest comparison to our ears comes with Australia’s Circles, particularly through vocalist Meyrick de la Fuente (the aformentioned Spanish flavour of the band).

Their debut release Dream Sequence is out today via Revolution Harmony Records. Heavy on the groovy, djenty side of things, there’s definitely something here for fans of the genre. There’s also a nice departure on the final track of the mini-album, “The Silence“, which features some bluesy soloing courtesy of a guest spot from Fred Brum, who is not a Birmingham native, but instead a Portuguese guitarist from the band The Firstborn.

Dream Sequence is available through all the usual digital outlets if you like what you hear, and you can see the video for “Exist” below!

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