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Time To Extol The Virtues Of Another Band From Norway!

Extol - Extol

Extol are back! The much loved Christian progressive extreme metal band from Norway originally formed in 1993, but much to the dismay of their fans disbanded in 2007. Six years later the band have reformed and are poised to hit us with new music. Extol often refer to themselves as “unblack metal” due to their musical influences that ordinarily would juxtapose their own personal religious beliefs. Way back when there was an original “white metal” movement that tried to spearhead a Christian approach to the stylings of black metal, but the name never caught on, most likely causing confusion with white supremacists the world over. Actually, no not really, it was mainly because white metal just sounds a little silly and never caught on.

Yesterday they released a new song entitled “Open The Gates“, which is the first official single from their impending fifth (self-titled) album. Extol began their life as a progressive extreme metal band, before morphing into a sound that resembled an alternative rock outfit, almost abandoning all of their heaviness in the process. Their music was still great, because their understanding of melody was incredible, but they weren’t the beast that they began as. It seems particularly fitting then that a self titled album aims to span all of their previous musical efforts, a culmination and celebration of their career thus far. “Open The Gates” has everything that fans of Extol would want in a song, with powerful, jolting death metal riffing combined with pulsating rhythms and grooves that will get your head banging, until suddenly, it melts away into some shockingly strong melody constructions that simply melt and fizzle in your brain. At parts it feels like you could be listening to an unreleased Yes or Pink Floyd song, which of course is incredibly high praise.

While it’s early days for this reassembled band right now it seems that Extol (now as a three piece instead of a five), are effectively pulling out all the stops to prove to people that their comeback was long overdue and worth it. As a music fan, I’ll just say that I’m glad that another band has been able to make a triumphant return. As for the future? I imagine all of that will depend on how well Extol sells when it’s released. Check out the new album art above from artist alumni Travis Smith and be sure to keep this album on your radar if you hope to see more of Extol in the future.

Extol will be released on June 21st in Norway, Germany, and Austria, and on June 24th everywhere else in Europe, as well as on June 25th in North America via Indie Recordings and Facedown Records respectively.

Are you happy that Extol have returned? Are you impressed with the new song? Will you pick up Extol on it’s release?

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