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Looking to build on the back of 2014′s Psynopsis EP, Bristolian progressive four-piece Fall Of The Archetype have been sequestered away writing for its follow-up, and although details on the next release are sparse, the band have been teasing a new song for a couple of months now, following a successful appearance at UK Tech Fest this year.

That song is “Depths“, which we’re delighted to be able to present to you, complete with lyric video, right here!

Building off duelling guitar lines – the bright, introductory twang of which sounds metronomic, like the second hand of a clock – “Depths” toys with layers and seeks to submerge the listener, dragging them between the track’s multiple atmospheric levels.

Speaking on the composition of the track, guitarist Tom Moore had the following to say:

Depths” has been a work in progress for a long time now. The entire song was developed from the mental challenge of using more regular patterns over a complex time signature and my discovery of minimalist music (such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams), which inspired the lead guitar melody at the start. We begin with the two main themes battling it out, then the focus is shared as the song develops. This made it really fun to play with the melodic contrast and I hope it is as fun to listen to as it was to write!

It seems like Fall Of The Archetype have an exciting next few months lined up to. Tom continues:

We had an unbelievably cool time at UK Tech Fest this year and I think that “Depths” has encapsulated that excitement, as well as the challenge and fun that is Fall Of The Archetype in 2016 – something we kept enjoying even with big life changes happening earlier on in the year for all of us.

Going forward we have a finished album that we are polishing at the moment and the rest of the production in the pipeline too. We are also in talks about a short tour or two over the coming months, so I am extremely excited for that.

In the mean time however feel free to give Depths a spin and keep your eyes peeled for more updates. We are incredibly proud of it and we all really appreciate the love and support that has lead us to where we are now.

Depths” is available for download via Fall Of The Archetype’s Bandcamp page for free/pay what you want.

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