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Fallujah Release New Track From Their Impending EP

Fallujah - Nomadic

Fallujah are the type of death metal band that get a lot of respect and fandom in the online “progressive metal” spectrum; quite often rapturous praise. Personally, their music never did a lot for me as it felt a little too sterile and digital, with manufactured intensity, as a lot of that music tends to sound for my personal tastes. However, today they’ve released a new track called “The Dead Sea” from their soon to be released three track EP entitled Nomadic. I saw an article praise this as their best song yet, so I was interested in checking it out.

It’s pretty good! This is certainly not the type of death metal that’s likely to please purists or long time fans of the genre. However, if you’re more inclined towards music that blends together a lot of different genres and influences I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised here. Clocking in at 6 and a half minutes the track mixes brisk harsh vocals with melodious noodling guitars and a strong level of depth. Needless to say, there is a lot of stuff occurring in the background of this song and it will take multiple listens to fully digest. The guitar tone is still a little too digital/djent inspired for my tastes, and the drum tone is uninteresting, although as a complete package the song still works. It’s strange because if I choose to focus on all of the rhythm sections whether it be guitars, drums or vocals I find it all to be very dull and uninspired, yet I still find myself enjoying the overall song. I’m sure many of you will also dig it.

Fallujah certainly don’t reinvent the wheel here, but they do add another impressive string to their bow. I’ll now be interested to hear how Nomadic turns out when it is released. They fall short of beauty here, but some of the guitar work on this track is extremely strong. Somewhat ironically, much like Between The Buried And Me I prefer it when this band doesn’t attempt death metal as I don’t believe it to be one of their strengths. They’re great composers with a strong grasp of melody, but any actual heaviness and brutality is too digital and forced. Listen to “The Dead Sea” for the sublime middle section, as that is by far the highlight.

Fallujah’s Nomadic EP is out on April 4th via Unique Leader Records, which means if you pre-order it in any form other than digital you may be waiting a while for your copy.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong about Fallujah? Are they the future of death metal? Sound off in the comments!

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