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furor incarnatus

[21st February 2013]

01. Live in You
02. Breathing Failure
03. Psycho Logic
04. Vintersol
05. Possessed
06. Satan
07. Warbound
08. Devil in White
09. Neverlasting
10. Impending Doom
11. Forever Old
12. End

OK, whatever you do, start spinning that bitchin’ track down below before reading on.

Right, now that you’ve immersed yourself in ‘awesome’, let’s get to it. What you’re hearing is the second song on Feared’s new Furor Incarnatus album. Released back in February, I can only say I wish I had found it sooner. Feared is a semi-Swedish melodeath project, headed by guitarist Ola Englund, whom you might know as the recent (2012) addition to Six Feet Under’s guitaring department. Furor Incarnatus is the fourth addition to the group’s one-album-a-year rampage that’s been going on since 2010.

Before diving into detail, also heard on Furor Incarnatus are American drummer and fresh-face to the band Kevin Talley (also of Six Feet Under, as well as Dååth, Grot and Nothnegal and formerly of Chimaira, Decrepit Birth, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Suffocation and a bunch of other bands) and Mario Santos Ramos (Demonoid and ex-Chainsaw), a Brazilian living in Sweden with a majestic vocal style. Conclusion: with Englund, Talley and Ramos, Furor Incarnatus features an undeniable amount of talent even before pressing the ‘play’ button.

Musically, Feared barge in with full force, heavy on the low end of the audible spectrum and with chug aplenty. ‘Brutality’ would have been an excellent descriptor if it hadn’t had the highly inaccurate connotation of brutal death metal. With a clear melodic angle of attack to their style, think more along the lines of Universum, Scar Symmetry on steroids and with less of an emphasis on catchiness, a slightly watered down version of Miseration or even Mercenary if you mentally take away the growling. But even then, Feared are quite their own being, and the similarities are primarily in the full, rich, bulky tone used.

Despite that heavy focus on tone and heaviness, Feared amply illustrate a sensitive, harmonious side through super delicious solo and lead guitar streak, dynamically played and with plenty drama and as peaky and culminating as the Himalayas. So much more than a guy working his way through a series of notes, Englund proves his skill is based on more than just perseverance; namely on talent and a good feeling for music too.

There is a minor negative, though those with a more modern taste in extreme metal might not recognize it as such: through all that earlier mentioned emphasis on depth of tone and heaviness, on occasion the lower-end guitar work is just too djenty. Most notable example is “Impending Doom“, though thankfully the djentiness is never long and a juicy guitar solo is never far away.

Clocking in just over forty-two minutes, Furor Incarnatus isn’t a particularly long album, but it matters not. The material on there is highly condensed and has an incredibly high concentration of ‘quality’ that I have not found on any other record in a very fuckin’ long time, simply apparent from the fact that even after the first acquaintance there are only one or two moments on the record that fail to maintain a grasp. Put differently, Furor Incarnatus could have been a collection of just the best songs from a whole bunch of albums.


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