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You lucky sons of bitches in Australia and Japan will be getting a double slice of awesome this February with the news that hardcore legends Converge will be heading over for a short run with bassist Nate Newton’s other band Old Man Gloom.

That second name should be even more familiar to you now – if it weren’t before – thanks to our supergroup rundown yesterday, in which Old Man Gloom featured at the #3 spot. As that will have told you (go read it anyway!), the band also includes Aaron Turner (Hydra Head Records, ex-ISIS), Santos Montano of Zozobra, Caleb Schofield of Cave In and another, otherwise unaffiliated chap called Luke Scarloa.

They don’t get a run-out very often, so this is a brilliant chance for our Austalasian friends – with six dates in Australia and three in Japan – to get a look in.

Throw that on the back of Converge, one of the most consistent and highly-regarded hardcore acts of the past twenty years, and you’ve got a tour worth seeing.

Both have 2012 albums to promote – recently All We Love We Leave Behind from Converge, and this summer’s NO from OMG – so expect plenty of material from those (although you can’t go wrong with most of it anyway).

Dates are up in the events calendar, for those who are itching to know!