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You aren’t black metal if you don’t pose with snow

UKpost/progressive black metal band Fen have announced the tracklist and artwork for their upcoming third full length Dustwalker. A black metal group from windswept and desolate fens East Anglia in England – from which they take their name and musical inspiration – their sound tends towards bleak and sorrowful, combining black metal with post rock/shoegaze introspection. Fen’s previous album Epoch was a highlight of 2011, and their first album, The Malediction Fields, one of 2009’s finest.

Frontman ‘The Watcher’ commented on the new album, calling it “an expression of isolation, abandonment, and a gradual detachment from the material realm” and comparing it to the “cold, sharp greys of dawn.”

The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Consequence
02. Hands of Dust
03. Spectre
04. Reflections
05. Wolf Sun
06. The Black Sound
07. Walking the Crowpath
08.. Epilogue (special edition bonus track)

Earlier this year the band gave a taste of new music in the form of a rehearsal recording of a new song, ‘Consequence’. The song is heavy and monolithic, starting with a very sharp cold black metal blast before moving into a more relaxed yet still ominous passage.

Here’s the’Consequence‘ rehearsal footage for anyone who missed it:

For a taste of the band’s older work, here’s ‘Ghosts of the Flood‘ from Epoch:

Dustwalker will be available in both CD format and a limited edition box, which will include a bonus track, as well as a pendant of the band’s logo. It’s due to be released on January 21st through Code666 Records, and you can keep track of everything Fen related via their Facebook.