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SikTh announce their second festival appearance of the year at October’s Euroblast in Cologne!

Euroblast 2014 March poster

To anyone who is bemoaning the decline of the music festival really isn’t paying attention – or doesn’t listen to the right music. I mean yeah, a lot of the big ones are getting a bit passe and shit, but when you delve into the ‘lower’ echelons, there’s some great stuff going on. As yesterday’s Takedown review testified, there are some great, dedicated people bringing some truly wonderful acts together each year for the good of the land.

Indeed, this summer’s UK Tech-Metal Fest is shaping up to be fantastic, as are a number of others, but we’re now getting news from the far end of the year with the new update for Cologne, Germany’s own Euroblast 2014 in October – which is an absolute doozy.

First of all: Aww yiss. Motha. Fuckin’. SikTh.

For the second time this year, a European festival has snagged the recently reunited tech-metal masters. Download were the first, and will see the earliest appearance, but today’s announcement is currently a continental European exclusive. It’s hard to really grasp how excited people are about this SikTh reunion, but what’s for certain is that everybody and their mother are going to try and catch them in case nothing else comes of the venture, so we’re hoping this has translated to some extra sales for the Euroblast Collective.

But besides this, there have been some great names announced today. Joining the likes of Misery Signals, Chimp Spanner and vildhjarta are Leprous, The Algorithm and The Safety Fire, all of whom have had an excellent 12 months or so, and will all be a treat.

We’ve also got the likes of Red Seas Fire and Now, Voyager, and a whole host of other fantastic bands, taking the total so far up to 28 and counting.

Tickets are on sale over here and you’d be advised to get in early as SikTh are likely to make this year’s event rammed to capacity.