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Fight Or Flight May Have The Wrong End Of The Stick

Fight Or Flight

Sometimes in our search for personal meaning, we find a cause that we believe is so righteous that not only should we pursue it fervently, but that we should preach it to others, so that they may share our newfound wisdom. Epiphanies are very personal and sometimes dangerous things. See, what may be inherently obvious to you, doesn’t necessarily translate well to others. Also, you may have just gone fucking mad.

Fight Or Flight seem to have done just that with their new music video for a song called “First Of The Last” from their impending debut album A Life By Design? That’s a pretty broad question with real potential for deep and introspective thought. Maybe, just maybe, Fight Or Flight will be able to posit answers to questions that some of our brightest and best minds can’t even agree on. This band will clearly break new ground when it comes to creating depth and power from their lyrics. Oh wait, no they won’t considering that their lead-off single’s lyrics are earth shatteringly trite. When one of your chorus hook line’s is about a fire escape it doesn’t bode well for your chances of providing resolution to incredibly complicated issues. Not only that, but a quarter of the song is actually just the repetition of the word “hey“, which means that their lyrical acuity is on par with a blind otter playing scrabble.

Dog Otter Playing Scrabble

Like this, but with an otter

It should come as little surprise that a band formed by two members from Disturbed (now on hiatus) is cripplingly stupid, but sometimes you come across something that’s just so wrong you can’t help but point it out. Remember how when you were younger and your parents taught you that you shouldn’t stare at the disabled kids and you should never, ever point and laugh? That’s what writing about Fight Or Flight feels like, but I’ll do it anyway.

It’s not that the music is spectacularly bad, it’s actually a pretty bland and inoffensive mainstream metal affair that’s likely to just roll off the shoulders and not appeal to anyone who listens to anything more than the most fringe of metal acts. That’s not the problem, oh no. The major gripe with this band, and this song, is that they are clearly aiming for mainstream success by appealing to the lowest common denominator with their competent and uninspiring paint by numbers metal, but they are using that soulless music to pedal a very misguided and dangerous message. For some reason, conspiracy theories and general lunacy has been cropping up in the metal scene more often than I like to see as of late and it’s getting to a point where it’s ridiculous. The American people’s distrust of the government is at an all time high and there’s far too much misinformation being spread around out there that ironically is doing the very thing that the people spreading the information are trying to prevent, namely distracting the population from issues that actually matter. Now, I’m not going to go into a massively detailed political spiel here because that would take thousands of words and we would be missing the point a little, but feel free to provoke more conversation in the comments.

Veering the conversation sharply back to the band, we can discover all sorts of interesting information about them, namely that they’re really not that smart. Their video for “First Of The Last” is comprised of shots of the band playing the song with an extremely awkward looking vocalist, seemingly caught in some weird standing squat position and doing this weird shakey dance on the spot. I’ve watched the video several times and I can’t fathom what he’s doing, other than trying to look menacing and intense, but really looking awfully silly and out of place. However, again, the song is less of the problem here than the content of the video.

When the video isn’t spending time watching the singer take a poo in an upright position, it chooses to focus on a secret society of shady rich guys who are deciding how to destroy and control the American people through a series of ploys that are basically big conspiracy theories. And boy oh boy, Fight Or Flight go for them all here. A few notes:

1. Vaccinations – We’re shown a scene where an evil suited man points at a flowchart that in a big red spiky bubble says: 1. VACCINATIONS! and then we cut to a young girl taken to the doctor to get her vaccine. For any of you who have ever had a vaccine you know it’s a pretty painless quick jab in the arm and you’re done, but this doctor decides to make it look like a scene from Reanimator with a 2 foot needle, which then spurts liquid everywhere and the little girl looks terrified.  Unfortunately, the vaccine seems to have made the girl sick and now she’s being tested by another doctor and she clearly has some kind of condition now, and just to prove it they test a boy that didn’t get the vaccine! No condition! Oh my god! But wait, there’s more. Then we cut to the evil suits, with their eyes all glazed over in demonic black, laughing at this poor girl’s misfortune. Man, those suits sure are evil!

First of all, no. Second of all…NO! The Anti-Vaccination movement is one of the dumbest fucking things ever. There is literally zero data to support your claim. To even speak that seriously puts people’s lives in danger. Stop the madness. Fun fact: The Anti-Vaccination movement continues to scare easily manipulated people into not getting vaccines. Just two months ago in the UK somebody died from measles for the first time in over five years because they refused their vaccine.

Rather than go into detail of the lunacy of the video we’ll just let you watch it for yourselves and we’ll include a few extra notes at the bottom. It basically shows a series of warped scenarios juxtaposed with evil laughing businessmen, before a hacker exposes the evil corrupt secret society and the people of America arrive to tear them limb from limb. Glorious. Check it out.

2. Chemtrails don’t exist. Seriously.

3. Genetically Modified Foods have been around in various forms for centuries. Wheat has been genetically modified for hundreds of years through selective cultivation. Thomas Malthus hypothesised that we would simply run out of room to grow enough food to support the population. The reason he was so spectacularly wrong was he underestimated man’s capacity to increase things like wheat yields.

4. Gun Control - People who have guns ‘for protection’ are 4.5 times more likely to be shot than unarmed people. And they are 43 times more likely to kill a member of their own family than a criminal. In the UK handguns and automatic weapons are illegal, yet we have an insanely low gun murder rate in comparison to the states. A difference of thousands.

5. RFID Chips – Microchips that are used for cataloguing products in stores and keeping track of library books. Considering we’re already all just data streams in the cloud, RFID chips are hardly a terrifying prospect, even if they were being used to monitor people, which they’re not.

6. Depopulation – This one depicts a lot of different events of the government controlling and “eliminating” people. To take the biggest example from the group, 9/11 killed just under 3,000 people. That’s about 0.001% of the total US population in 2001. As depopulation measures go, it’s a spectacularly inefficient one.

All in all, this video is a massive headache and I have seen it inspire people saying “This is what will happen if we don’t stand up!” No, it isn’t. This is a ridiculous, paranoid fantasy and needs to stop. The one thing I genuinely wonder about a video like this is how they managed to get through it. I mean, it’s a pretty big production, it’s clear that some money went into it and there are a lot of people involved. Did everyone think that it’s ok? Did they just shrug it off with the mantra “a job’s a job”? I don’t really know how I could go through with it if I was there, the sheer stupidity of it all would have overridden any desire to get paid.

To be fair to Fight Or Flight, they’ve really managed to nail down their target audience. It’s clear that when they came up with the concept they were clearly smoking something, it’s just a case of whether they truly believe it or if they’re just trying to bait all the poor saps out there. Like our band, you’ll get True Patriot Points! Bleurgh.

Also, why is it that these type of people hate the government so much, but unashamedly love the military? Somebody didn’t think this through…

On second thoughts, why is the singer bent over that way if he’s genuinely not trying to shake a turd (that isn’t this song) out? I’ve heard of forced vocal delivery, but this takes the cake! Poor guy, now I feel sorry for them. It really is the worst thing to happen to you when you’re trying to sing a song and be taken seriously. This is metal dammit! Oh well, they’ll probably start a Kickstarter to help him wipe his bum next.

Fight Or Flight Funny

Seriously, please help this man, before it’s too late. 

What do you guys think? Do you support Fight Or Flight’s message? Are you tired of all of the conspiracy theory stuff in your music? Did you like the song? Sound off in the comments!

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