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Finntroll Cook Up A “Häxbrygd”


Finntroll have one of the most self-explanatory band names of all time. You might want to sit down for this explanation, as it’s truly incredible. Are you ready? They’re a band of trolls from Finland. Told you it was mindblowing. I hope you had some soft ground to fall onto. Anyway, Finntroll are infamous for their impressive fusion of black metal elements and chirpy folk metal, to create their own trollish and unique blend of music. Finntroll are veterans of the industry by now, and they’ve recently released their new album Blodsvept on Century Media Records.

They released a new music video for a song from Blodsvept called “Häxbrygd“, which when translated means “witch broth” or “witch stew”. Check out the video and then our staff member’s opinions of it. Don’t forget to vote on the poll and sound off in the comments. Get involved!

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You know, I actually enjoyed this much more than I thought I was going to. There was a Stolen Babies vibe to it that I wasn’t expecting.

There’s still too much that’s a bit too over-the-top for me to properly like it, particularly in the vocal department. Try as I might, I just can’t take that stuff seriously.

Gnarles Bronson writer banner
I think I liked Finntroll once upon a time. This video, along with the music, just doesn’t seem to be doing it for me. I can’t get over seeing a band mime their instruments, knowing they’re in a room awkwardly playing their instruments unplugged. The music is like a well-produced 3rd rate horror soundtrack. The troll gimmick is ghastly. They just look like humans wearing crap they bought at Party City for Halloween. F+, would not watch/listen to again.

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Ah, Finntroll. Most certainly an acquired taste for many, including myself. I’ve always appreciated this band, though they’re music has never resonated with me. Yes, this video is incredibly goofy and it does suit the music and the band’s own image. Is it particularly insightful or intelligent? No, not really, but was it meant to be? Musically this song is pretty catchy and has grown on me with each subsequent listen. At the same time, it’s not likely to be a song that would make it into one of my playlists, much like the rest of their catalogue for me, Finntroll are always destined to be entertaining background music for this metalhead.

Orsaeth writer banner
This video is confusing and weird, but also quite enjoyable, mostly because it’s confusing and weird.
As for the song… meh, never been a huge fan of the band, and this isn’t changing that. It’s pretty nifty though, I guess.

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Dormition writer banner
This video is quite embarrassing. What happened to just rocking out in an abandoned warehouse with flood lights and dirt and dust blowing around? I used to dig this band, not a huge fan mind you, but found them enjoyable. But I find myself not much caring about them anymore. Killer goggles though!


You can safely say that is nothing else like Finntroll, and that may or may not be a good thing. I really enjoyed their last two releases, and while this song is not terrible, the video is yeah, pretty cringe-worthy. Its like a Finnish Dragula, as if they are channelling their inner Rob Zombie. As I am reviewing their new album soon, I am keeping my hopes up for the rest of the album, hopefully this song is just a quirk

Professor D. Grover the XIIIth
I’m a huge fan of Finntroll, so I’m predisposed to like this video automatically. That said, they’re obviously not taking themselves seriously, and that sense of silliness matches up quite well with their music. I love the costumes for what they are, a cheesy gimmick, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They have a brilliant sense of melody, almost as if Danny Elfman was doing folk metal, and the new album is one of my two favourite albums of the year.

The Baboon writer banner
It’s funny. I’m having difficulty taking this band seriously and yet, I’m still secretly digging the hell out of them. This song and video are deliciously cheesy and cultish. It has a delicious guitar tone that masks a lot of the simplicity inherent in the riffing.


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