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Fit For An Autopsy 2016

U.S deathcore outfit Fit For An Autopsy – the project masterminded by producer extraordinaire Will Putney – played an early evening slot on the Carillion Guitars Main Stage on Saturday at Tech Fest 2016. We caught up with the band’s axemen earlier in the day to talk Mr. Bean, Kanye West/Donald Trump comparisons, and getting tear-gassed in Canada of all places. First up, we asked them to tell us something interesting about themselves…

Patrick: My name is Patrick Sheridan, I play guitar for a band called Fit For An Autopsy, and an interesting fact about me is that I would much rather listen to a band like Steely Dan than most modern metal music.

Tim: My name is Tim, I also play guitar for a band called Fit For An Autopsy, and an interesting fact about me is that I like butts (laughs)

Patrick: Also true! (laughs)

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Who should be the next British PM?

Tim: Next British Prime Minister?

Patrick: Mr Bean!

(Everyone laughs)

Patrick: Fucking Mr Bean! He’d be great! He never says anything.

Tim: I’m gonna say Donald Trump, so he fucks up your country instead of ours.


Patrick: He’s so full of shit.

Tim: God, we’re so fucked! (Laughs)

Keep talking like that, the wall’s only gonna get ten feet higher!

Patrick: Yeah, seriously (laughs).

Best thing about being in a band?

Patrick: Getting to do hood rat shit with my friends.

Tim: For me, it’s probably the fans – meeting people, and eating food around the world.

Patrick: Yeah, and butts!

Tim: And butts. We’ll take butts too!

Worst thing about being in a band?

Patrick: Having to wake up next to this fucking shit head every day.

Tim: Probably the toll on your body.

Patrick: Yeah, for sure. I’ll agree with that. By the end of every tour I feel like I’ve been pumped in the backside by a giant elephant.

Craziest thing?

(Both of them look at each other and laugh.)

Tim: Honestly, being able to travel the world with some of your closest friends and not really have to pay for it.

Patrick: Yeah.

Tim: I mean, obviously you’re working, and everything has to be paid for by something, but it’s just crazy to me that I have the opportunity to just hang out with my friends and do sick shit.

Patrick: The idea that people are willing to pay us for our bullshit (both laugh) is basically what he’s trying to say. Y’know we write music and it’s fun and we’d do it even if we didn’t get to tour, but the fact that people are actually interested in what I have to do or say? Who the fuck are these people?! What are they thinking about? I’m shy. I’m a shy human.

Tim: I’m just a piece of shit dirtbag (laughs).

Fit For An Autopsy Tech Fest 2016 - Tim Howley 02 - Evie Murphy

Tim Howley. Photo by Evie Murphy

Best tour story?

Patrick: Incriminating or non-incriminating? (laughs)

You can be as X-rated as you want.

Patrick: Alright. I’m gonna leave out some names (Tim laughs). We’re on tour with a band, who was from another country, in the Americas. We played at a place where people are shitty, and these people started messing with our friends, and then basically we got mad, and then they stole something from one of our friends, so we beat up an entire venue in the street, in front of public transportation.

Tim: There were two of us, and the other band, pretty much beat up an entire venue staff.

Patrick: And then when the smoke cleared and we got our very expensive item back from them, we were like “Hey, we want to get paid now.” (both laugh)

Tim: That was pretty crazy. Dude, there’s so many! It’s really hard to narrow it down. If I took the time, it would take me a good week and a half, two weeks, to narrow it down to like the Top Ten.

Patrick: We do get a lot of crazy stories, but the thing is, we’re just this small / mid level metal band so as we get…

Tim: Speak for yourself dude, I’m fucking huge!

Patrick: Maybe just your stomach, because it’s true.


Tim: But as you get a little bigger and you become more comfortable on the road, the stories tend to get a little crazier because you’re not as stressed. Y’know, we’re doing well now, and if we keep going, hopefully next year we’ll have some more crazy stories to share.

What about a really bad one, for worst?

Patrick: Worst? Van breakdown. A van accident with a rental within a week and a half of getting it.

Tim: For me? In my old band, we got rear ended by a tractor trailer at about 55/60 miles an hour. So what, 100km/h?

Patrick: Something like that.

Tim: Yeah, it destroyed all our gear and that was like five days into a sixty day tour, so we had to go home. That’s probably the worst I can think of.

That’s awful! And a really crazy tour story?

Tim: For me, well, we got maced once.

Patrick: Yeah, fuck that! We got fucking tear gassed!


Patrick: YEAH!

(Both laughing)



Tim: The cops shot tear gas grenades into the crowd to disperse them, but they didn’t realise where the wind was blowing, so the wind blew all the tear gas back into them, and we were behind the police line, by maybe about 20 yards, and it all blew into us. We looked at each other like “WHERRRGGHHH!” and we couldn’t see and we were spitting and coughing. Ergh, that was Montreal.

Patrick: Getting maced sucked.

Tim: Yeah, it did.

Patrick: The show was sick, but the mace sucked.

Tim: Yeah, the show was awesome.

If you had to trade a member of your band for a famous actor?

Tim: Oh God…

Patrick: We would trade Joe for…

Tim: Jake Gyllenhaal?

Patrick: No, he already fucking looks like Jake Gyllenhaal! Jake Gyllenhaal sucks dude!

Tim: (Laughs)

Patrick: We’d trade Joe for either Sean Connery, or…

For when you need to add a dash of misogyny to your line-up.

Tim: (Laughs) Yeah.

Patrick: Christopher Walken! Christopher Walken would be a sick singer!

Tim: I would trade myself with Kanye West.

Patrick: Oh God, I’d quit the band!

Tim: Just to see what shit show it would be…

Patrick: And how long it would take me to kill him.

Tim: To see how long it would take Pat to beat up Kanye West.

(Tim laughs hysterically).

Patrick: Man, that dude is a trip! Leave people alone, go be famous man!

Tim: I met him like ten years ago, and he was sick. He was cool as shit, man.

Patrick: You know what sucks about Kanye West? This is what sucks about Kanye, other than the obvious things he does that truly bother me, but what sucks about Kanye West is that he’s super duper duper duper famous. He’s got everything that a musician could ever want, and the ability to do whatever he wants – write any kind of music, get involved in any kind of business that he wants… It’s like “Dude! Go be stoked!” I never see him smile! Like, I’ve got a lot of reasons to be bummed too! I’m broke, and I’m just happy to play music, go on tour, hang out with people, and do fun interviews like this one. You see that dude at a basketball game and he’s like smiling away and having fun, and as soon as he spots the camera is on him, he goes “BWOMP” and he’s frowning. Just have a good time, man.

He’s the Donald Trump of music

Tim: Right!

Patrick: Yeah, but at least with Donald Trump you know exactly what he is.

Song association! Funeral:

Tim: Deer Tick – “Goodbye Dear Friend“. Because that song is so fucking depressing. God, I wanna make everybody cry!

Patrick: Jimmy Eat World – “Hear You Me“. It’s a song about dying and the idea of getting led to heaven and saying goodbye. It’s a pretty fucking wrist slitter kinda song. It’s a rough one.

Tim: Or “Highway To Hell“.

Patrick: Also good! (laughs) “Hell Awaits” is another good one.

Your wedding

Patrick: Well, I’ve already been married. We didn’t have much of a big wedding, but we did that Coldplay song, “Fix You“, because the song is about being there for a person who needs help, and my wife has done a lot of really great things for me in my life, so that song definitely stands out and that’s like, our song, in a way.

Tim: “Kiss From A Rose“.

Patrick: That song’s about cocaine!


Patrick: (In Dr. Rockso voice) I DO COCAINE!

Tim: I’ll tell you what, I had a friend of mine…

Patrick: You got friends?!

Tim: I got friends! Er, I used to date this chick, and we went to one of her best friend’s weddings, and her boyfriend picked the fucking sickest wedding song ever, dude. It was the end song from The Wedding Singer, “I Wanna Grow Old With You“.

Patrick: AW!

Tim: Everybody who was over the age of 40, was just like “What the fuck is this?”, and everyone else was just bawling their eyes out. It was awesome.

Your birthday

Tim: I was born on Groundhog Day, February 2nd 1976.

No, I mean what song would you pick for your birthday? (laughs)

Tim: OH! I thought you wanted my birthday! (Laughs) Sorry!

It’s fine

Patrick: Ween – “Piss Up A Rope“.

Tim: (laughs) What?

Patrick: Yeah, fuck off, it’s my birthday! I’ll do what I want!

Tim: Man, I honestly don’t know. Fuck.

Patrick: I know.

Tim: What, mine?

Patrick: No, mine. And it’s gonna piss you off. I’m not a big drinking music kinda guy, but Billy Joel – “Piano Man“.

Tim: I FUCKING HATE BILLY JOEL! He is such an asshole!

Patrick: Ah, shut up man!

Tim: You know what? How about this. Just to piss him off I’m gonna say Bruce Springsteen – “Born In The USA“.

Patrick: I fucking hate Bruce Springsteen, man!

(Everyone laughs).

Tim: Suck it!

Song that makes you happy

Tim: You know what’s funny, man? I’m the most happy when I’m listening to the blues.

Patrick: Yeah, I get it.

Tim: So probably Gov’t Mule – “Worried Down With The Blues

Patrick: Nice. For me, Steely Dan, any song from Aja. I’m a huge Steely Dan fan. I can’t remember the goddamn name of the song, I’m gonna look it up in my phone because I feel bad. I’m at one of those points in the day where I’m just hitting a brick wall. Steely Dan is just one of those bands that takes me back to my childhood – my step father, was a big huge music guy, and I grew up listening to that band, and the record Aja, you know, the song “Black Cow” is sick, but there’s this one particular song that I can’t believe I can’t remember, it is “Home At Last“! That song, if I’m in a bad mood, I’ll just throw that on and hang out with my son, and it’s a great time.

Fit For An Autopsy Tech Fest 2016 - Patrick Sheridan - Evie Murphy

Patrick Sheridan. Photo by Evie Murphy


Patrick: Every song by Meshuggah.

Tim: When I’m angry, 100 Demons man.

Patrick: Yeah!

Tim: Something really angry, I’d probably put on AdventRevival. Advent are one of those bands where their lyrics are very spiritual, but for some reason that music just gets me so pissed off, and that’s what I want to listen to when I’m angry.


Patrick: Sad? “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead.

Tim: I’m really into this pianist called Ludovico Einaudi. Dude, if I’m really bummed out, I’m gonna go listen to this dude play piano. It’s the most beautiful fucking thing, ever.

Always makes you want to dance?

Patrick: Makes me want to dance? Michael Jackson. Something about his music has always been rhythmically moving for me. Especially early stuff like Thriller and Off The Wall.

Tim: Yeah dude. What always makes me want to dance is, well you know obvious stuff like Michael Jackson and Prince, and stuff like that, but Bad Rabbits, man.

Patrick: Yeah!

Tim: That band makes me want to dance all the time!

The song for me would be “Take On Me“, by a-Ha

Patrick: Yeah, that’s a good one!

Tim: That’s the first song to ever have a breakdown.

Patrick: Really?

Tim: Yeah! Listen to the chorus, it goes half time, and it sounds like a breakdown. Next time you listen to it!

a-Ha: breakdowns for dayyyzz

I will. Scary/Harrowing?

Patrick: When I was younger listening to early Black Sabbath stuff was a scary thing. When I was a little kid I would come home from school, and my dad would be listening to it like (makes riff noises). The song…

Tim & Patrick: (in unison) BLACK SABBATH! Yeah!

Patrick: It’s so big!

Tim: And it’s fucking evil, dude! That would probably be that.


Tim: Fucking Behemoth, dude!

Patrick: Here’s my problem, I would agree with that, but…Queen.

Tim: Yeah.

Patrick: Queen, and Muse…and Behemoth. The three bands I would go to for big, huge, epic, I mean, fuck man Queen was just huge, and in your face visually, and sonically – they’re just enormous to watch.

Tim: Dude! Another band…Pink Floyd.

Patrick: Oh yeah.

Tim: Pink Floyd are sooo epic!

Patrick: And Meshuggah’s live show.

Tim: Yeah!

Patrick: Seeing Meshuggah live – their light show and the way that it coincides with their music… there’s a lot of big epic bands, but I’m gonna stick with Queen.

Tim: What’s that Pink Floyd song? “Speak To Me/Breathe“?

Patrick: Yeah.

Tim: Dude, that song is soooo epic. I would kill to see that in their heyday in a place like Madison Square Garden.

Patrick: Yeah!

Thank you for your time guys!

Tim: No problem. That was super fun dude!

Patrick: Yeah man, best interview of the day. Thanks!

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