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Let Lustre take you on a journey


Lustre are a one-man black metal project from Sweden. I know that upon reading the previous sentence, many of you are already moving the cursor towards the “close tab” icon, but I beg you to wait! Hear me out! Lustre are a one-man ambient black metal band from Sweden, headed up by a man known as Nachtzeit. I would wager that Lustre is probably one of the best bands out there at creating lush soundscapes and hauntingly gorgeous sonic vistas through the combined use of wind-like vocals, flowing tapestries of guitars in the background and soft keyboard melodies laid over top. The Night Spirit album (the art for which is above), for example, is a brilliant piece of work, showcasing a fantastic twilit atmosphere, and making the listener feel like they are floating gently through a stunning wilderness landscape at night, with only the ghostly light of the moon to guide their way.

The other day, Nachtzeit uploaded two new Lustre tracks to the official Lustre YouTube channel. The two songs are two parts of a piece titled “Follow Us To The Stars”, and they mark a slight departure from normal Lustre fair; there are no guitars and no vocals. It is a completely instrumental ambient piece, and it is a fantastic composition. Nachtzeit has always been a marvellous composer, managing to perfectly encapsulate certain atmospheres or emotions and these tracks are no different. They are a journey through space, through other worlds, and among the stars. The synth sounds that are used provide the perfect backdrop for an utterly amazing flight through space. Part 1 flows into Part 2 with ease, though it does mark a change in what imagery can be derived from the sounds. Part 1 feels like the trip to the stars, through the voids, whereas Part 2 is more reminiscent of drifting endlessly among tiny points of light, or even wandering on the surface of a distant planet, looking up in wonder at the brilliant heavens above.

No word yet on if these are from an upcoming album, or if Nachtzeit recorded them just because he felt like it. Lustre have released a full-length album, plus two EPs, and Nachtzeit also recorded an EP for a neo-folk project called Ebon Lore in 2012. He’s a busy man, but luckily he gives us quantity AND quality. Check it all out below.

Is the kind of music you can get behind? Does it take you places?

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