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The Chariot say one final farewell in final tour documentary

Forget Not The Chariot

You know when something really sad happens, and it takes you ages to get over? And then something reminds you about said trauma, and everything sucks again for just a little while?

“A year ago today (that is: the 23rd of November), a band called The Chariot played their last show in Douglasville, GA. This is the story of that final farewell tour. Please enjoy.”

God damn.

I’d almost got that one out of my system, and now I’m cry-moshing around the room to “Yanni Depp“. Well, not really, but this was an hour of melancholy for sure. Following the band’s farewell tour, Forget Not cuts interviews with the band members and various people involved in the band’s final days with live footage.

What’s interesting is that, whilst there are cuts of the band’s music, much of the film’s soundtrack is super serene. In fact, many of the scenes of the band performing are shown in super-slow motion, and the audio sounds like when you slow down songs so they sound more like post-rock than anything.

The Chariot meant a lot to a lot of people, and that’s very much palpable from the tone of the documentary. The band members clearly felt the love, but they never let it get to their heads, and went out on a high.

Frontman Josh Scogin is now part of duo ’68 , who are about to hit Europe with Trophy Scars. They released a new video only last week, and full dates for that tour below if, like me, you’re missing your Chariot fix.

Dec 01 Feierwerk, Munchen, Germany
Dec 02 Beatclub,Dessau, Germany
Dec 03 Underground, Koln, Germany
Dec 04 Kavka, Antwerp, Belgium
Dec 05 Rock City Basement, Nottingham, UK
Dec 06 The Underground, Plymouth, Uk
Dec 07 The Key Club, Leeds, Uk
Dec 08 Classic Grand (downstairs), Glasgow, UK
Dec 09 O2 Academy3, Birmingham, UK
Dec 10 O2 Academy2, Newcastle, UK
Dec 11 Sound Control, Manchester, UK
Dec 12 Audio, Brighton, UK
Dec 13 The Exchange, Bristol, UK
Dec 14 The Borderline, London, UK
Dec 15 Fibbers, York, UK
Dec 16 Joiners, Southampton, UK
Dec 17 O2 Academy2, Oxford, UK
Dec 19 11er, Frankfurt, Germany