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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that yesterday was the U.S. Presidential Election, and unless that rock has no internet connection, crap signal and gets no reception for the TV from the wire coathanger on the roof, you might know that Barack Obama won the vote and will be Mr. President for another four years (bar any sort of misconduct – fellatial or otherwise – of course).

I’m not American so I didn’t get a say, but Obama’s victory has got to be better for metal than Romney’s would have been, right? Traditional values and throwing up the horns have never been bedfellows, as the recent ban on Machine Head playing Disney-owned House Of Blues Orlando showed.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, we’ve put together an appropriate soundtrack for the occasion. Congratulations to Big Daddy Obamatron, commiserations to Mitt Romney, and to everyone else – good luck!

Katatonia – ‘Leader

Animals As Leaders – ‘New Eden

Incubus – ‘Take Me To Your Leader

Severed Head Of State – ‘Failure Fucker

Our parting gift is from YouTube sensation Schmoyoho (best known for their songify the news series, from which you might well know the ‘bedroom intruder’ song and Antoine Dodson), who posted this song earlier.

Throw us your presidential win/loss song suggestions!