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Check Out French Progressive Melodic Death Metal Band Fractal Gates

Fractal Gates

Fractal Gates are a progressive melodic death metal band from France, signed to Great Dane Records. On Monday of this week they released their sophomore album, titled Beyond The Self. The band released their first album, Altered States Of Consciousness back in 2009, so it’s been a while since the band have had new music. Their debut was a promising addition to a genre that is hard to be unique in, but it had it’s fair share of problems. Most importantly, it showcased the band’s potential and it’s clear from their new album that the last four years have been kind to them.

Fractal Gates have managed to learn from their mistakes and achieve their true potential, releasing a great slab of progressive melodic death metal. Now would be a great time to show off their most recent music video, which surfaced on YouTube last month, to promote the album:

The song is called “Timeless” and features an impressively rendered mix of traditional band performance footage combined with spacey animations, that fit their science fiction lyrical themes. Most interestingly the band employ subtitles for the song’s lyrics, even during the performance footage, which is certainly a rarity, usually saved for lyric videos, which tend to be a cheap alternative to a music video. Fractal Gates decide to fuse the two in this video and it makes a very interesting result.

What’s even cooler about this track is the guest guitar solos (two of them!) courtesy of Sotiris of Septic Flesh fame. The man delivers two awesome parts that really help strengthen the song. What’s even more interesting is that vocalist Sebastien Pierre sounds like he takes a lot of his vocal influence from Septic Flesh’s very own frontman. The band’s understanding and grasp of melody is incredibly strong and despite the fact the genre is a tough one to break into, I think Fractal Gates have managed to deliver a great, enjoyable slab of progressive melodic metal.

Check it out, you can order their new album Beyond The Self from their Bandcamp, which unfortunately only has two tracks available for streaming.

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