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London prog outfit Fraktions drop new single

Fraktions Glacier

Around the burgeoning UK tech and prog scene, there’s a multitude of burgeoning young bands all threatening to break through and make a name for themselves. It’s hardly surprising; with the music the way it is, many of the fans are musicians themselves, and so supportive is the collective that everyone who wants to gets a swing at the ball.

One of the most recent we came across was Fraktions. They recently opened for the Mask Of Judas/Valis Ablaze UK tour on their London date, and opened to a modest but very welcoming crowd.

They’ve been quiet for a little while – the quintet are someone spread out across the UK from their South London base at times – but this show saw them playing a mix of older tunes from their Momentum EP, and some particularly tasty new material – the most impressive and memorable of which was a tune called “Glacier“. A proper release of this song was promised, and hey presto, the band today dropped the song, complete with lyric video courtesy of Cloud Music Typography, whose previous projects include Monuments‘ “Origin Of Escape, Devil Sold His Soul‘s “TimeArch Enemy‘s “As The Pages Burn”, Bad Sign‘s “Father and Heart Of A Coward‘s “Nauseum - so good company.

Here it is:

There’s a comfort in the familiar intro with this style of music, also present on “Glacier” – mood-creating atmospherics, built on by a crisp bassline and delayed guitars. Vocalist Joel Pinder’s style is something of a departure however. Whilst his harsher vocals – crisp and understandable in their delivery – could use a little work (there’s perhaps a lack of force that would be more satisfying if dialed up a notch or two), the cleans are crooned in a low, elongated style reminiscent of Michael Lessard or perhaps even Peter Steele. It suits the music well, and with the track’s interesting groove, there’s plenty to interest.

We’ll see where they go from here with Momentum‘s follow-up, but good signs for now.