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Bog Oak cover the main theme from 70s horror film Phantasm

Bog Oak sotw

Halloween is now a few days past, but that doesn’t mean you have to let the spirit of the season die. Sacramento doom band Bog Oak have recorded a song and released it on their Bandcamp page for the low price of “whatever you’d like to pay.” The song is a cover of the man theme of the classic horror film Phantasm. It is not a movie I have yet seen, but after this cover, it’s going on my list that’s for sure.

Bog Oak are quite a new player in doom metal, having released only a two-song EP (for free as well) and this new cover song, but they do have a new EP coming up at the end of November. We’re hoping for big things from the band!

Their dark, evil and ethereal sound lends itself well to covering this horror theme. Adding the metal elements is a cool touch, giving it a more song-like feel as opposed to a soundtrack sort of tune, and I’d love to see them interpret more horror themes in this manner.

Bog Oak are also streaming one song from the upcoming EP A Treatise On Resurrection And The Afterlife. The new song is called “A Sea Without Shore” and it is absolutely a step up from their previous work. It is more cohesive and more convincing in the dark atmosphere. The drum tone is bloody brilliant, and the sludgy smokey guitars wrap the listener in a cold unforgiving blanket. Vocalist Julie’s voice is creepy and foreboding, and the harsh vocals are grating and soul-corroding. Bog Oak is definitely a band to watch.

A Treatise On Resurrection And The Afterlife will be released on Svart Records on November 28th.

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