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Prog Rocks! Get Some Awesome Progressive Metal To Add To Your Collection!


Hey all you prog lovers out there! Are you finding it hard to locate good progressive music these days? I can certainly relate – there is a lot of crap filling the scene, especially where power progressive blends tend to be a stagnant stale genre. Prog in general hasn’t had anyone really break open the sound since Queensryche, Fates Warning, and Dream Theater came around in the late 80′s and nothing since the first wave of prog rock bands before that.. One could argue that the recent influx of djent bands does that, but I’ll be honest when I say I don’t really consider that trend to be prog and neither am I a fan of that entire movement. What can I say, I’m a prog elitist.

Anyway, whilst none of these bands are anything truly ground-breaking, Power Prog, a prog rock/metal internet radio, record label, and management firm, has created a fantastic little compilation of progressive metal bands called Prog Rocks! Progressive Metal At Its Best 2 and made it available for streaming and free download. I myself have only heard of one of the bands on here before, that being Persefone, so you’re guaranteed to find something new. It seems to be mostly symphonic and power prog metal, with a bit of progressive death metal thrown in, so expect keyboard filled crunchy metal riffs with soaring vocals and shreddy guitars, with the occasional giant that stands out. The first one in the series is also available, and contains a few more familiar names (at least for me), such as Andromeda, Aeon Zen, Anubis Gate, Darkwater, and Eumeria, so I can highly recommend that one as well.

If I were to pick a few highlights from the comp that stood out for me, I would say Divided Multitude, Persefone (whose new album is fantastic, by the way), Avelion, and Illusion Suite. Don’t take my word for it though, find your own favourites!

Go listen and download it here

What do you guys think? Is your style of music? Is progressive metal a non-entity? What’s your favourite from the compilation? Sound off in the comments!

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