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Get Free Stuff In Exchange For Mere Seconds Of Your Worthless Time

Black Numbers

Like most, I find it hard to argue with those who offer me free stuff, especially when that stuff is merchandise. It is doubly hard when those making the offer are from my hometown. That is why, when the Jersey City, New Jersey based record label, Black Numbers started giving away shirts promoting their new 2013 sampler for the low, low price of zero dollars, I couldn’t well resist. The label’s roster includes a fair selection of awesome bands, including but not limited to post-hardcore pros Crimes, twinkly emo punks Tiny Moving Parts, and emotional hardcore practitioners Banquets (sidebar: these bands are damn good and I don’t say that because some of them come from the same city as me).

“But, The Anthropophagist,” you scream, frothing with internet-induced cynicism, “what’s the catch? Nothing good is ever truly free”. To be fair, you used more ethnic slurs and your beloved Caps Lock, but I cleaned those quotes up a bit, because we don’t tolerate that kind of filth here at The Monolith. Indeed, your instincts are right: the obstacle between you and a free shirt is sharing the post about the  from Black Numbers’ facebook page (it’s the one about free shirts and has a bunch of shares) and comment on the post that you have shared it. It’s the least work I’ve done to get a free t-shirt since the time I showed my chest hair to a guy on the bus for an undersized Escape The Fate shirt.

So, what do you think about this kind of giveaway? Is clicking your mouse or trackpad a couple of times too high a bar to clear for a free t-shirt? Or has the internet made you into an apathetic monster of laziness?

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