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We continue our quest for free stuff with a group that I discovered a little while ago known as Causemos and their album Infinite Event, which is available at the pay what you want price point over at Bandcamp. The band’s sound could best be described as Melo-death with some hefty off-roads into a blast filled tech-death scene and a thematic focus on space and all things sci-fi. The vocals from this band are one of the first things to stand out, jumping from the unnervingly insane highs that a vocalist like Anaal Nathrakh‘s Dave Hunt hits to a bark that are reminiscent of Mygrain‘s own Tommy Tuovinen, another Finnish band. That said, the music here is infectiously catchy and the group’s willingness to switch up from the usual 1-2 beat at the drop of a hat keeps things very dynamic. The songs that feature clean singing, such as “Unrealized Reality ½” and “Promethean Eyes” are both earworms, leaving remnants of their vocal melodies stuck in your head for days. There’s actual a bonus song that comes included with the download of Infinite Event called “Käteen” that should be highlighted simply because it is insane. Trying to explain what happened in the minute and a half of that song would require so much backtracking and double talk that we’d probably pass out from shortness of breath, so if anything you should check out Infinite Event for that bit of insanity on it’s own. You can also order a pretty spiffy looking physical version of the disc through a link on their Bandcamp as well.

Check out Infinite Event here