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It is our solemn quest to share out free music from the interwebs, with the interwebs when we find it, and this post has two coming your way. Firstly, a three song EP from a group that had an album hit this year, and the other a single song sample that you’ll have to surrender your email for. If you can read the headline you probably have taken a wild guess at who is giving away the single.

Orphalis hail from Germany and have an album out this year entitled Human Individual Metamorphosis. Whilst randomly stumbling across that album via related videos on YouTube (see! someone uses em!) I began to look into other stuff the guys had done, only to discover that they had released a three song EP entitled The Watchmaker Analogy. These guys will be very familiar in sound to people who have spent the past couple of years in the brutal death/tech-death metal scene, as the two have slowly converged into one another. They write impressively heavy and are technically very impressive. Orphalis don’t use endless multitudes of riffs to get their message across, instead sticking to some hefty grooves for each song. That’s not to say the guys don’t do the endless blasts and sweeps routine – because they do and they do it very, very well – it’s just that they’ve realized they can do it in service to the song instead of just demonstrating how big their technicality wangs are.

Hit up their bandcamp here.

Hey, we don’t know if you’ve heard of these guys before but we just came across them. Some band called Machine Head and they’re pretty cool. Well it looks like they have a live disc coming out to cap off the cycle of the recently released Locust called Machine Fucking Head Live and Noisecreep is giving away the song “This Is The End” for free. “This Is The End“ plays right into the recent pattern of Machine Head songs being impressively epic-length thrash numbers that could stand on their own thematically, without tying into an album. Locust was filled with those and made for an excellently varied listen. Of course, like many song giveaways this one is on the hunt for your email address so you should already know this routine. You can travel over to Noisecreep’s set up here.