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It really doesn’t matter what day something goes up for free so long as we can catch it and share it out for you folks. It just so happens that this one hit last week and we’ve just now found out about it and were determined to get it out to you guys. We’re really hoping to build up a massive archive of free for people to just hit up whenever they’re looking for new music. About this time – if they are feeling like it – record labels will put out a holiday sampler of all their artists for folks to download for free. It’s been going on for a while but naturally as we’ve become more entrenched in the internet, labels have made it a bit of an annual tradition. Century Media picked up on it this year by bringing back their old Carnival Of Sounds collection, something we haven’t heard from since 2009! It’s got a surprisingly strong set of songs available to stuff your Mp3 player of choice with and only a few whiffs. The full set of downloadable songs includes…

1. In Flames – Ropes
2. Devin Townsend – Lucky Animals
3. Stealing Axion – Solar
4. 7 Horns 7 Eyes – Divine Amnesty
5. Nachtmystium – Silencing Machine
6. Napalm Death – The Wolf I Feed
7. Paradise Lost – Crucify
8. Fozzy – Blood Happens
9. Jeff Loomis – The Ultimatum
10. Destiny Potato – Dark Side Of You
11. Monuments – 97% Static
12. Vildhjarta – Shadow
13. Borknagar – The Earthling
14. 3 Inches Of Blood – Leather Lord
15. Iced Earth – Dystopia
16. Geoff Tate – Take A Bullet

See what I mean about that being surprisingly strong? There’s some exciting bands on there and even one of the couple of decent In Flames tracks from Sounds Of A Playground Fading and you can get it for free! The Napalm Death and Paradise Lost songs are excellent and free Jeff Loomis is always a treat. Naturally you will have to part with your email address which means they’ll be able to deliver all their PR news straight to you and then you can bypass visiting websites in order to find out news about Century Media bands which is pretty good if you don’t mind Century Media’s line-up and then they won’t have to keep a strong PR arm to deal with opinionated sites like us and….hey, wait a minute…..

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