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Electronics, video games and bears, oh my! Okay, maybe not so much on the bear front, I apologize to any ursine enthusiasts. That’s right folks, this week I’ve spent crawling the net in order to find free music for all of you – a tradition that The Monolith is going to happily carry forward from our former sites because whilst finding a diamond in the rough is great, a diamond that happens to be free is almost orgasm worthy.

This specific post has united two vastly different artists. One plays some excellent shred metal with a SID chip from a Commodore 64 in their synth alongside the music in order to sound like the bastard child of an early video game soundtrack and thrash, whereas the other artist is based entirely in the realm of electronica, whose music combines so many different styles that even metal heads can’t deny that there is some heavy stuff going on. Not only that, but both of these artists have albums that have hit in 2012 and have recently done work for video game soundtracks.

Machinae Supremacy, the SID metal band from Sweden, have an album that has just hit this year entitled Rise Of A Digital Nation. We’re still plowing through tons of different promos at the moment so I don’t think anyone here at The Monolith can yet attest to the quality of the release, though they’re a band that aren’t likely to disappoint.

What we can do, however, is recommend you visit the downloads section on their website, because these guys give away a ton of free music alongside their regular album releases. They’ve done a couple of video game soundtracks including Jets and Guns and more recently (as demonstrated during much of the Giant Bomb quicklook) The Great Gianna Sisters sequel called Twisted Dreams. Also, that game looks really good. Never would’ve thought that a game that began as a European Super Mario knock off would create such an excellent looking and sounding platformer but holy crap. Best part? Much of that sound track is also available on the band’s site. You can jump over to here to get your shred and midi on at this beauty here.

Celldweller, on the other hand, come from the opposite end of the musical spectrum. The man behind it, Scott ‘Klayton’ Albert, hails from a world where electronica, rock, and industrial all clash together to form a hybrid style that is completely recognizable whether it be on his 2012 album Wish Upon A Blackstar or in his numerous appearances on various videogame soundtracks (including the recently released Bane Of Yoto).

While strictly not metal by nature, the songs have a very dark tone, and since the only thing The Monolith likes more than a dark tone is quality, and these songs fulfil both criteria, why not include them? The first one is actually courtesy of his Soundcloud page, where he keeps much of his music available for people to sample. Recently he’s been mashing up different songs and then adding all sorts of different electronica flair to them, which can then be downloaded for free.

This time, in celebration of Halloween, we have an amazing mash up of “Cry Little Sister” and the “Saw Theme“. I would’ve taken “Cry Little Sister” on it’s own since it is such a good song anyway that it’s nigh unfuckupable, but the two complement each other rather well. The other song that is available actually comes from an MTV link. I know, you can stop reading and take a few minutes to pick your jaw up off the floor at the idea that they still have anything at all to do with music. Apparently they featured the song “I Can’t Wait” in a recent episode of one of their reality TV shows and are giving the song away for free on their site now. “I Can’t Wait” is one of the best songs from Wish Upon A Blackstar and also one of the heaviest Mr. Dweller has done. When he released it as part of his ‘chapter initiative’ it almost stole the show from the other song that came with it. It took months for me to acknowledge “Gift For You” because I was just constantly listening to the former.

Download the various mash ups here.
Download “I Can’t Wait” here.

What do you guys think? Good or great? How open to electronic music are you? What do you think of videogame influence in your Metal music? Sound off in the comments!