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GWAR are a band that need no introduction. Their legacy is vast and filled with insane antics. Dressed head to toe in garish costumes and embodying the characters of gore crazed alien marauders, the band have brought entertainment all over the world for years. However, all good things must come to an end, as they did when GWAR’s mastermind Oderus Urungus aka Dave Brockie, passed away on March 23rd of this year, leaving the band with no original members – and missing their most crucial element.

It seems that GWAR will still be playing a few shows however, with their original bassist Beefcake The Mighty, back to fill in with vocals, although it remains to be seen how long the band will continue in this form, and whether they will release any new albums. It seems the band’s musical future is even more questionable in light of their most recent announcement – a crowdfunding campaign to create the GWARBAR – a restaurant and bar owned and run by Balsac The Destroyer, who has 30+ years experience in the culinary industry. Here’s the full announcement:

GWAR has announced plans to open a restaurant later this summer in Richmond, VA.GWAR is known throughout the Universe for their outrageous stage show, irreverent humor and head pounding music, but now they have turned their demented eye to the food service industry. GWAR has joined forces with Travis Croxton, Richmond’s restaurateur of the year 2013, to bring to life one of the last dreams of their fallen singer, Oderus Urungus, the GWARbar!

But GWARbar will not merely be a place to gorge on delectable food-stuffs whilst hoisting endless flagons of liquid glee…it will not be just a shrine and showcase to the undeniable visual impact of the world’s most infamous metal band…the opening of theGWARbar will be the singularly most important culinary event to occur since the invention of the spoon!

Because the GWARbar marks the first time in the history of humans eating stuff that they shall do so by ordering off a menu designed by a chef NOT OF THIS EARTH…that’s right, BalSac, the Jaws of DeathGWAR‘s guitar player and also designer of the notoriously tasty “GWAR-B-Q Sauce“, is bringing his supreme knowledge of intergalactic cuisine to the GWARbar, and has designed a bill of fare that is sure to make man or aliens swoon with epicurean delight.

Let the plates of mankind be filled with the food of the God’s…at a workingman’s price! “My mother taught me the endless secrets of intergalactic cooking,” said the hulking form of Balsac as he sat down to a heaping platter of GWAR-B-Q. “And then I ate her.”

An indiegogo campaign has been launched to help raise funds for the renovation of the current building into the wonderland of food and beverage that will be known as theGWARbar. By contributing, you can earn anything from GWAR‘s undying scorn ($1) to a bar stool with your name on it at the bar ($1000)! Make the GWARbar a reality by contributing HERE.

GWAR has solicited help and advice from many of their friends in the restaurant industry including Top Chef master Bryan Voltaggio, who said, “Obviously this place is going to be awesome! I can’t wait for it to open!”

We are quite sure that the GWARbar will become a favorite hang out for touring musicians and a must see for all music and food fans!”

The cynical among you may feel the temptation to see this as nothing more than a cash grab on the name and reputation of the band to provide a comfortable retirement option for one of the members, and while that is certainly a possibility, it’s likely a little more complex than that. For starters, Brockie was genuinely always interested in launching his own restaurant, and he may well have been involved in the unveiling of the GWARBAR had he still been alive today.

Dave Brockie of GWAR deat 2014

What’s more, with the band facing the likelihood that GWAR may not survive for much longer without its creator, they may want to forge a place that can act as a shrine to their fallen friend and the legacy that he built. In years to come, the GWARBAR may be the only place in the world where you can get a true GWAR experience, which judging by the legions of blood drenched fans they’ve amounted over the years – is clearly something that many people would love to see preserved.

It’s such a shame then that the perks for contributing are so poor. There are so many things a band like GWAR could have done to make this campaign interesting or unique – instead the perks seem to suggest that very little thought has been put into this. I understand that raising money to build a restaurant in such a localised area is a tough thing to market to a global fanbase, but there are surely better ways to incite people to get involved.

Check out the video below, and be sure to head over to the Indiegogo campaign if you’d like to donate.

What do you guys think of the GWARBAR? Would you like to visit? Would you donate? Sound off in the comments!

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