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Vancouver doom band Funeral Circle with their self-titled debut

Vancouver-based epic doom metal band Funeral Circle are a group I’ve had my ear on for quite some time. I even wrote them up briefly a few weeks ago in a doom metal roundup post when they released the first song in advance of their self-titled debut album. That song, “Scion of Infinity”, was a tasty slice of traditional epic doom metal, taking cues from bands like Solitude Aeturnus, Scald, and Candlemass.

Well now Funeral Circle have released the full album for streaming on their Bandcamp page. A friend of mine commented that this is “one of the best releases to come from Vancouver in the last decade”, so you should absolutely get on this stream.

I’m currently on my second listen through of the album, and I can certainly vouch for the fact that it is an amazing offering of heavy doom metal. The guitars bleed and wail, and the vocalist is something special. He has a dark wavering groaning quality to him that is hard to find. The overall sound is wreathed in mist and smoke, heavy and thundering. This might prove to be one of the top doom metal releases of the year, perhaps of the last few years. Favourite songs of mine so far include “The Wandering Dreamer” which has an amazing second half, and “The Charnel God”.

So far, Funeral Circle is not available for purchase, but the band are working on getting physical copies.

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