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Wolves Like Us Want You To “Get Gone”


While Norway’s chief exports are crude petroleum and petroleum gases, accounting for respective shares of 33% and 24% of exports overall, the northern European kingdom also produces a steady supply of good music. Hard rock act Wolves Like Us continues to do their part to bolster the Norwegian economy, offering up some of this precious natural resource in the form of a brand new video for “Get Gone”, the title track of the band’s forthcoming 10” vinyl single.

Countrymen, tourmates, and buddies of much-lauded black n’ rollers Kvelertak, Wolves Like Us have experienced a similar, if somewhat less meteoric, rise to popularity, garnering critical recognition and international support in the less than three years since their formation. Get Gone will be the Oslo quartet’s first release since their well-received debut LP, 2011’s Late Love — a rock record as dark and brooding as one might hope from an album spawned in the birthplace of black metal. “Get Gone” picks up where Late Love left off, with guitarist Larsh Kristensen’s throaty vocals floating over moody, hardcore-tinged melodies. For a song that runs as long as it does, it is remarkably simple and lean, maintaining its forlorn beauty throughout. Wolves Like Us have a sound that is at once accessible and intense; despite being catchy and memorable, their songs possess the gravity of heavy music.


Get Gone” runs about eight minutes, which is a bit long for a music video, most of all for a video with little-to-no discernable plot. The video itself — black and white footage of the band hanging out and tracking songs in the studio — is standard fare for both the band and the industry. While nicely shot, “Get Gone” is unlikely to rival “Thriller” in anyone’s mind. This is par for the course in the internet age, wherein technological democratization has allowed low-budget entrants to the medium.

In some ways, spartan sequences like these harken back to the old days of promotional clips, before the rise of music television in the late 1970′s and the golden age of the music video in the 80′s and 90′s. Some might say that the very existence of this post — and all others like it — indicates that “Get Gone” has served its purpose, the filmed song having successfully propagated the band’s music through the series of tubes to a variety of viewer/listeners.

You can pre-order Get Gone over at Prosthetic Records’ merch shop and grab Late Love over at the Wolves Like Us Bandcamp.

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