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The Sword are greasing up the lovely PR machine this week with free music from their new album Apocryphon. The new album actually hit on Monday through Razor & Tie, but since we were pre-occupied with feeding our own egos we delayed pretty much all news until today. What that means for you though, is that you now have one day less to grab this beauty for free than you would have if you hadn’t spent all weekend staring at countdown clocks! iTunes has a program in place where they pick a free track of the week and this week just so happens to appeal to those of us who like our metal bearded, fuzzy, and constantly accused of being hipster. If you aren’t familiar with The Sword, just about any single off of the group’s past couple of albums have been a great place to start. Their sound is at times retro rock but also bounces into metal with a heavy sense of groove. As with the occasional doom inspired work things are very bass heavy with these guys as well. They’ve nailed it with their past few releases and anyone who has been within earshot of a Guitar Hero game has probably heard these guys more than they wish they have.

The song they are giving away is the opening track: a five minute burner known as “The Veil Of Isis“. You’ll have to sell your soul to Apple in order to get it, but to be honest, between the devil, Dio, whatever god you sold it to in order to get a crack at the hot cashier at work – and Apple – you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the song whilst your gentlemen callers hash out how they’ll carve your soul apart like a fine piece of steak. I imagine Apple will probably go for an arm+leg since that’s how much their shit costs anyway. Sign your soul away for free music here.