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Scion A/V have struck once again in the name of metal; this week putting up a full stream and download of Raleigh, NC-natives Corrosion Of Conformity‘s latest EP Megalodon. You can click through right here in order to listen to it (as well as download it for the surrender of your email). I pulled it off so you should be able to, unless this is one of those crazy ONLY FOR THE STATES-YOU STAY AWAY YOU FURRINERS! sort of offers that I keep posting up here without realizing it.

Megalodon is retro as hell sounding. It’s a throwback to end all throwbacks almost, crawling through all kinds of sludge and doom, burying itself in murky riffs and muffled drums with vocals that just seem to float above it. It’s a five song acid trip that despite a short length, seems to take its dear sweet time to finally leave your eardrums. If you’re into the stoner-doom scene, or have really dug on the throwback style a lot of bands have been getting into, then going with one of its progenitors (at three decades of letting it out at this point!) should be a given. Especially when Scion A/V are footing the bill for you to do so. Get at it.