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Ghost 2012

No-one quite does theatrics like Swedish group Ghost, and in keeping with their mysterious disposition, they have launched a cryptic website called, which reveals itself to be a countdown of some sort, accompanied by a very circus-like preview of what is surely new music from the group, who released Opus Eponymous to wide acclaim back in 2010. The music is being released one instrument at a time, via ‘candles’ being lit. Three are up so far, and with e-mails (a “tithing”) being requested (your e-mail address, of course):

Papa will bestow a special offering at 10PM EST this Saturday to the Secular Haze congregation who offer a tithing.

It already sounds great! I have to admit to being intrigued by, but not a rabid fan of the group, but I have to say that this has me intrigued. It’s very well done; the audio accompaniment is excellent, the clock counting down is intriguing, and I find myself looking forward to the news that is forthcoming, which according to said timepiece will be let forth at 10am EST on Monday!

A new album is surely a welcome thing, especially from such a unique band. I’m sure I’ll be paying better attention this time around, but make sure to follow their Facebook page to keep up to date over the weekend, as we won’t be able to do that for you until then.

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