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The UK will be getting a short, sharp, European kick up the jacksie this spring when Swedish metal act Ghost descend on our island for six dates with French titans Gojira, joining London-based The Defiled for the Jaegermeister Music tour.

Whilst not exactly shrouded in complete mystery, Ghost take the grim theatrics of their live show very seriously, and perform only as “a nameless band of ghouls”. It is alleged that Tobias Forge, also of the band Repugnant, is the face behind the skull makeup of the band’s front-ghoul, but other than that, stepping away from the politics of names allows the band to sink the audience into their “black mass” show – like an anti-cathedral, to which they preach their message. Or something. It’s obviously quite tongue in cheek, which is great really.

Gojira barely need any introduction, other than that they usually kill it live, being professionals of over sixteen years. They released L’Enfant Suavage earlier this year, which was a solid slab of groovy metal, and they’re apparently still working on a Greenpeace-benefit EP called Sea Shepherd.

This will be The Defiled’s third stint on the tour. I am not even close to being familiar with them, but I am sure their merits are well documented if they are back for a third time.

Best of all, tickets will be only a fiver. Expect them to sell out fast at that rate. Dates are in the events calendar; check it out and tell us whether you’re attending or not!