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Giant Of The Mountain’s Compilation Showcases Underground Metal Giants Of The West Coast

Giant Of The Mountain Metal Compilation

Giant Of The Mountain are a great sludge / black metal tinged band from Texas.These always hard working guys have decided to try and shine a spotlight on some of the other undiscovered and underrated gems that are in their local scene by releasing a compilation of metal bands all from Texas and the west coast. The compilation covers a wide range of genres including death metal, black metal, sludge, stoner, thrash and even some progressive metal. Their is a truly mixed bag to be found here, but most of the songs included within are particularly excellent. You can download it for free via their Bandcamp, OR if you catch Giant Of The Mountain on tour you can pick up a highly limited physical copy for absolutely free. This physical copy was painstakingly put together by the band at a cost to them, so if you can donate to these guys, they would sure appreciate it!

Check it out and support independent metal!

What do you guys think? What’s your favourite track on this release? Can you guys think of any west coast bands that you think should have been represented? Sound off in the comments!

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