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Glassjaw - New White Extremity

Like a lover who skips town in the middle of the night without a word, Glassjaw are a band who have caused equal amounts of pleasure and heartache amongst their fans. Absent for long periods, yet releasing some of the most important punk and post-hardcore records of the last couple of decades, no-one is ever really surprised when they disappear for years, but when they do rear their heads, you’d better believe you should take notice.

The recent announcement that they’d be supporting Coheed and Cambria on their UK tour next year – the longest stint of touring outside the odd lone stateside show in years – should have been a big hint that they were coming back, but the new song they’ve just released is the biggest ‘clue’ yet that the long-mooted third Glassjaw album is finally on the horizon.

Incendiary as ever, the track is called “New White Extremity“, and it sounds like this:

It’s wildly different from their last output, 2011′s The Coloring Book EP, which had a much smoother, latino vibe to it. Since then, both bassist Manuel Carrero and drummer Durijah Lang have left the band, having been part of the set-up for most of Glassjaw’s time since 1998/99, so it’s a real shame; the flair of the rhythm section really marked Glassjaw apart from anything else around.

Instead, Travis Sykes and Chad Hasty – both of Glass Cloud – have joined the band, and the dissonance of their other project is certainly present in the new track. The bass in particular throws its weight around like a fucking rhinoceros. Remaining members Justin Beck and Daryl Palumbo – a man whose voice I would marry if I could – are as solid as ever, but it’s also as jarringly difficult to listen to for the first few times as Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence opener “Pretty Lush“, and I love that.

An actual full-length album would be the first LP in thirteen years. As for a date, the record’s release could be at any point. Could be tomorrow. Could be next December. Literally, any point, and probably without warning; The Coloring Book EP was given out for free at shows with barely a sniff of promotion.

So essentially, keep your eyes peeled; you’ll know information as soon as we do.