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Original members of Goblin team up for new shenanigans

Goblin Rebirth 2015

Somewhere, in the deep dark depths of the catacombs, in a shrine of fog and shadows, a goblin is reborn. In fact, it is the rise of Goblin Rebirth, a progressive rock supergroup, if you will, which features the original rhythm section of the legendary Italian progressive rock/horror film score group Goblin.

The original band is still going strong, but some of the former members have decided to form their own group with a similar musical vision in mind. The group is carving out an album for release on Relapse Records, titled Goblin Rebirth, and yesterday the first song from the album – “Requiem For X” - was unveiled:

The original Goblins are renowned for having produced soundtracks to horror films such as Suspiria, as well as their own albums of spooky prog rock. The new song from the new band is very much in the same spirit as its progenitor. It begins in a very gothic/horror, ambient sort of manner, with distant whistling and some spooky synth sounds, before building up in sound, adding drums and guitar, and blossoming into something with a heavier prog rock feel but still maintaining that horrorscape score feel. It’s entirely instrumental, though from the teaser that was also released, it sounds like there will be some vocals on the forthcoming self-titled record.

Goblin Rebirth is something I did not expect, so to say it was anticipated before would be a falsehood, but it is absolutely anticipated now after hearing this track. This, plus an album from the original Goblin band, mean this could be a really nice year for rock progressive Italiano.

Goblin Rebirth will be released via Relapse Records on June 26th in Germany, June 30th in the USA, and June 29th in the rest of the world. We will obviously have more news and songs when they come.

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