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Decapitated‘s 2011 release Carnival Is Forever was a really good record that unfortunately wound up flying way more under the radar than it should have. The band rebounded from a massive tragedy, and with almost entirely new lineup managed to shift into a style of tech-death that required an almost mathematical precision.

Songs like “404” featured the band running through a variety of odd time signatures and making some crushingly heavy songs. They’ve also been on tour quite a bit to support it, but unfortunately have never quite made it to my lovely town of Sacramento, so I’ve had to settle for the occasional great quality live video.

Recently, Scion A/V added to their humongous collection of concert videos that they’ve uploaded to places like YouTube and Vimeo by putting some recent Decapitated footage front and center, capturing footage of the songs “View From A Hole” and “Pest“, which were both excellent tunes on an album consisting of killer material.

Unfortunately, they then screwed it up by censoring the whole routine. Now, censoring is fine as long as you do the stealthy mute, or play said word backwards real quick, but they went the unfortunate route of adding the most unnervingly loud, stereotypical “PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN’S EARS!”-style beep every time the vocalist curses. In the case of these songs, that’s every chorus. What you get is some great quality live footage and then the Wal-Mart version of the song. I don’t know why they do this on YouTube; maybe something with the ads they have to run? Or maybe since Scion is technically a marketing branch of Toyota they have to keep themselves family friendly on the YouTubechannel. I’m not knocking them – they have done a metric fuckton of good for the metal scene, providing us with some groups firing on all cylinders in the form of excellent live footage and free EPs – it’s just unfortunate that they had to go this specific beeping route and make a bit of a mess of each song. If you’re okay with that and think you can handle it, do watch these. They’re both great at showing the band just absolutely nail it but I personally just hit a point a bit through “Pest” where I had to just close it and find a decent quality bootleg.