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But Good Tiger are no Snake Oil salesmen

Good Tiger Snake Oil image

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to the latest prog/tech metal ‘supergroup’ Good Tiger – a collaboration between the two ex-The Safety Fire guitarists, journeyman vocalis Elliot Coleman, journeyman drummer Alex Rudinger (seriously, the number of bands between these two is something else) and My Project Ghost guitarist Morgan Sinclair on bass.

The quality between the five is excellent, and their crowdfunding campaign hit its goal in under 24 hours (it’s currently 184% funded) – but we weren’t expecting to hear anything quite so soon. Nevertheless, the band advised their first single “Snake Oil” would be premiered on BBC Radio 1 this past weekend, and the band have now also released an adorable 8-bit video for the song:

It’s really fun visually, that’s for sure.

Whilst many might have been expecting The Safety Fire 2.0 – given the progeny of the guitarists in particular – this doesn’t really feel like that. It’s much less technical from Derya and Jo, building around a simple catchy central riff. The spidery quality of their playing does creep in to an extent, but the expression from the vocals and other instruments changes things a fair bit.

I’ve had it on repeat a good dozen times already, and it’s a reet earworm. There’s plenty to notice on multiple listens; Elliot’s screamed and sung vocals play nicely off the shifting aggression of the music, guitar lines drop in and out, and if it’s at all indicative of the rest of the album, we’re in for a treat.

There’s no word on a title or an exact release date yet, but the IndieGoGo campaign says to expect delivery in November. The speed at which things are progressing is most pleasing – especially given how impatient the internet generation is – so really that’s not a long wait at all.

More when we have it!