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Good Tiger: who are prog’s newest supergroup?

Good Tiger introduction

In the last day or so, buzz has been going around social media about something called #GOODTIGER. Various bands, band members and people connected with the online progressive metal scene have shared an image teasing an announcement on a Good Tiger Facebook page yesterday.

Well, the announcement came, and it turned out (sort of as expected) that Good Tiger is a band. Specifically, what might be considered a supergroup. As the band themselves acknowledge in the introductory video below – which also announces pre-orders/a crowdfunding campaign for their debut album – you may recognise them, as they’ve all played in signed bands before.

But if you don’t know one, or two, or even any of them, we thought we’d give you a rundown of their pedigree. Going from left to right in the image above, we have:

Morgan Sinclair – bass

Perhaps the least well known of the five, Morgan nevertheless has an impeccable pedigree as far as we’re concerned. With stints playing guitar for bands like as Architects and Zoax, he’s also part of the exciting trio My Project Ghost with Red Seas Fire drummer Jake Fogarty and Bastions vocalist Jamie Burne, which we covered a couple of times over the last year.

Morgan switches to bass for Good Tiger, so it’ll be interesting to see a different skill set from him.

Here’s My Project Ghost’s video for “Cherish“, from their as-yet unreleased debut record.

Joaquin Ardiles – guitar

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that British tech band The Safety Fire‘s apparent April Fools “we’re splitting up” joke was actually not a joke, and the five piece were done for good. It was sad – they’d released two awesome albums and been a lot of fun in general – but we suspected they’d not all be done with music.

Lo and behold, guitarist Jo Ardiles is one of two former TSF members to raise their head in Good Tiger, continuing on guitar. Already, from the short clips made available in the video, it seems that his spidery, high-end style has transplanted to this project, so for Safety fans, there will likely be a lot here to enjoy.

Here’s a video of him playing “DMB(FDP)” from The Safety Fire’s first album Grind The Ocean, for All Axess.

Elliot Coleman – vocals

One of two Americans in the band, Elliot will likely be a familiar face to fans particularly of TesseracT – for whom he sang in 2011/12 between Dan Tompkins and Ashe O’Hara – but he’s been quite prolific over the last few years, playing in, with and as part of acts as varied as Zelliack, Sky Eats Airplane, Of Legends and Of Man Not Of Machine.

In his time, Elliot’s vocals talents have been strongly compared with the late great Jeff Buckley. Hopefully you can hear a bit of that in the video, but it’s an intriguing comparison from a point of personal interest, and he’s definitely got some chops.

Here’s some audio of Zelliack’s “Smoove” for reference.

Derya Nagle – guitar

The second ex-Safety Fireian, Dez will also continue on guitar, and again, The Safety Fire’s signature sound looks to be translating over to Good Tiger, which is a good thing in my book.

As well as his former band – in which he and Jo spent nine years – Derya is known for his work at Playgle Productions, producing for bands like …and Morgan’s My Project Ghost!

Here’s a video of him playing parts from “The Ghosts That Wait For Spring” and “Glass Crush“, from The Safety Fire’s last album Mouth Of Swords, for Guitar Messenger.

Alex Rüdinger – drums

Finally, Alex Rüdinger is known to many as journeyman drummer extraordinaire. The list of full bands, projects, fill-ins and guest appearances he’s made are too numerous to mention in full, but some highlights or notables include Threat Signal, The Faceless, The HAARP Machine, and Ordinance , with slots filling in for Monuments, Obscura and Revocation.

There’s some fairly illustrious and/or impressive names amongst those, but Good Tiger sounds like it will take the tone down a little bit – or at least require a more mellow touch. For a drummer of his calibre, we’re sure that won’t be a problem.

Here’s a video of him playing “I, The Creator” from Monuments’ most recent album The Amanuensis.

So what now? Well, you can support the band’s IndieGoGo campaign here, although it has already been funded, less than a day later. Nevertheless, you can avail yourself of a variety of perks and merchandise to aid the band further.

We’ll keep you updated when we have more concrete music available from Good Tiger.