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Dirge Within, the Chicago based hybrid of metalcore with the lighter air of melodic metal, have had an interesting couple of months. Recently the group’s front man Jeremy ‘Jerms’ Genske left the band, leaving the group with the issue/benefit of not having a front man named ‘Jerms’, depending on how you look at it. He was a capable vocalist though and obviously after a few albums he was a huge part of the band’s sound, so it was going to be interesting to see who they had step up to the plate.

What they wound up doing was picking up the latest Divine Heresy singer Travis Neal. His debut with Divine Heresy was a little bit underwhelming; he had capable screams but it seemed like he was straining a bit to do the singing that made up the majority of Bringer of Plagues. His debut with Dirge Within, and their re-recording of a song that was basically written as a radio single from There Will Be Blood, goes way, way better. His singing voice sounds strong here and he shows that he can fit in very well with the band. So why talk about it?

Welp, the band are giving the song away for free, which you can both stream and download at this here sexy linkage. The group announced on their Facebook that they really wanted to get this song out there, which is why they are getting it out for free. It’s a pretty impressive debut for the new vocalist. It’s certainly not the heaviest song out there, but if you want something a little bit more on the rock side, the song is an alright option.