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Graveland Channel The Thunderbolts Of The Gods


Graveland is a one man Polish black metal legend and is returning in this year of 2013 with a new album. Graveland is the misnomer for the work of Rob Darken, who while being an important part of the black metal scene in Poland finds himself as of late leaning more towards the more marginalized soundscapes of pagan metal. The new album is actually their thirteenth (!!!!), and is fittingly titled Thunderbolts Of The Gods.

Graveland has put out some of the more primal, and interesting black metal in recent times, including their (his) masterpiece in 2002, Memory and Destiny and its much-improved re-recording, Pamięć i Przeznaczenie from last year, 2007’s Will Stronger Than Death, and 2000’s Prawo Stali (Creed of Iron) as well as early classics such as Thousand Swords, In the Glare of Burning Churches, and Celtic Winter.

Over the weekend, Darken made a couple samples from the upcoming release available for streaming at the Graveland Reverbnation page. One, a fragment of the song “Gift of Gods” sounds excellent, it has a deep mythical feel to it, in line with Graveland’s recent sound originally showcased in their more recent works. The other is an outro track, so it doesn’t really indicate too much of what the album will be.

Both pieces (as well as many other fragments of Graveland music) can be heard at Reverbnation.

Here’s a Youtube clip of an older song of Graveland, in case you’re unfamiliar of his previous work.

Additionally, Warheart Records will be releasing remastered versions of both Celtic Winter and In The Glare of Burning Churches at the end of June, featuring bonus tracks, new photos, and commentary from peers.

As a sidenote, it’s always interesting when bands decide to release music with an official commentary. While they may not be to everyone’s taste (much like the film equivalent), commentaries can be particularly effective tools at uncovering secrets and anecdotes about albums that will allow listeners to learn more about the creation of some of their favourite albums. The Monolith is actually host to a commentary by progressive extreme metal band Cormorant – where they talk about their first ever full length, Metazoa. Be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. 

What do you guys think? Are you excited for new Graveland? How cool is that album art? Is it a style of sound that you’re tired of? Sound off in the comments!

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