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Grisly Amputation Lycosa Album Release Show

Saturday was a big day for Pittsburgh, PA-based label Innervenus Music Collective, for they were celebrating the release of two records from their catalogue. For those in the Pittsburgh area, this meant a gigantic album release party going on. Unfortunately, not all of us live in Pittsburgh, so we have to make do with blasting the two bands on home stereos instead. The two bands in question are quite different in style, but neither can be faulted for the amount of passion they bring to their chosen subgenres. Here at The Monolith we are featuring a review of each to perk your interests, and encourage you to check out the growing roster of a “99.9% DIY label”. First up we have Cannibalistic Tendencies from Grisly Amputation. Check back later for a review of Lycosa’s self-titled record.

Grisly Amputation - Cannibalistic Tendencies

[12th February 2013]
[Innervenus Music Collective]

01. Woodshed Wetdreams
02. Scraping The Resin From Your Lungs
03. Liquefaction Necrosis
04. Implement Of Rectitude
05. Cannibalistic Tendencies
06. Birthed From Defecation
07. Hoarding Human Remains
08. Chainsaw Swimming In Flesh


Squeezing eight tracks into a twenty six-minute runtime is no easy feat, but that only encourages Pittsburgh, PA-based Grisly Amputation to up the ante and deliver some punishing material. The album title, a possible punning homage to Cannibal Corpse, tells you all you need to know about the material inside; it’s going to be disgusting, heavy and fun for those already suitably desensitized to such things.

The first halves of the majority of tracks are dominated by film samples, some of which are taken from Reefer Madness, Drive Angry, Gangs Of New York and Hellraiser II (thanks to BetterBSharp for providing that). While usually I am not a fan of lengthy samples, in this case they aid for two reasons: one, setting the scene – particularly the Hellraiser II one, and two, they assist in differentiating the music. The Gangs Of New York clip (you know the scene, “I’m gonna teach you to speak English with this fucking knife!”) even adds in a sense of humor to the mix. That is, if your humor has a twist of sadism.

The metal itself is raw, dirty worship of the aforementioned Cannibal Corpse, with a touch of Autopsy and Disgorge thrown in for good measure. The guitar and bass work melds together each section smoothly, even when the band fluctuate between crunchy crawl and speedy neck-whirling. The drumming on this album suffers somewhat from the production, but otherwise leaves little room for complaint. Vocalist Rob Grisly, front-and-center, fulfills every expectation of this kind of death metal; low nasty growls and scratchy snarls pepper each track, the only slightly monotonous aspect of the brief runtime. Even still, Grisly Amputation mix things up, as the thrashier “Implement Of Rectitude” and sample-lacking, speed-filled “Hoarding Human Remains” prove.

In short, if raw death metal is of interest, then Cannibalistic Tendencies won’t disappoint. Grisly Amputation are hardly reinventing the wheel, but their sacrificial offering to their idols is nevertheless suitably foul and yet appetizing.


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