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[25th January 2013]
[FDA Rekotz]

01. A Date with Fulci
02. Desecrated
03. S.O.S.
04. Deadilicious Feast
05. They are the Plague
06. End is Near
07. They Follow Your Scent
08.  Became a Zombie
09. Gruesome Stuff Relish
10. Sex Drugs and Grind
11. In Death we Breath
12. Scratching the Violet Velvet

Many moons ago eccentric legend Frank Zappa posed the poignant question “Does humour belong in music?” the answer of course is yes. Like a joke regarding the recent death of a celebrity, it has its time and place, and Gruesome Stuff Relish would go down well in that environment – for that hit of ironic, self-aware splatter-gore/grind fitting alongside any form of repugnant joke on a lads night out.

Gruesome Stuff Relish are a four-piece horror obsessed quartet from Spain, who have recently released their third full-length offering; Sempiternal Death Grind.  The title being a very ‘does-what-it-says-on-the-tin’ affair, it offers up twelve raw-as-you-like tracks of sludgy death grind. The mixture of horror kitsch (specifically with a focus on Italian Giallo cinema of the 70′s) and old school depravity blends naturally in what seems like a perfect rendition of what Carcass would have developed into, had they not changed direction after their first album Reek of Putrefaction. In fact the most impressive thing about the album is how they have augmented their sound and production incredibly faithfully to that particular era of Carcass, though improved to a more acceptable modern standard. (That era of Carcass is notorious for its famously accidental and awful production.) Still, that terrible production job happened to spawn an entire genre, and Gruesome Stuff Relish pay it great tribute, replicating the vibe but still managing to provide it with an interesting twist clearly stemming from their Giallo film inspirations. You can almost picture the zombified go-go dancers wielding the guitars and bass in an unhinged and debaucherous fashion, almost bordering on crust punk – enforced further by primal drum pounding that seemingly switches back and forth between punk and death metal influences.

However nobody wants to hear a Whitney Houston joke at a baptism, and similarly if your in the mood for technical wizardry metal, it wouldn’t be time for Sempiternal Death Grind.  As charming as the grind nostalgia act, with super disgusting zombie vocals, and sometimes amusing sound clips are, it’s something that stretches it welcome for a full length. Frankly, the album becomes predictable because the tone is so consistent and the laughs start to wear thin after a while as the band too often repeat the same tropes and cliches. It’s always the danger that you flirt with when creating a music project such as this – the concept is very limited in scope and so you have to ensure that you possess enough creativity and ingenuity to keep the quality of your record high. Unfortunately, once you past the midway point of the album you’ll find your attention will rapidly decline thereafter, causing the experience to lose a lot of its impact and drag. Despite those words, if you’re a fan of this style of music then you’ll be very aware of what to expect and there is enough gruesome stuff on display here that will give you the opportunity to relish it.


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